Mario Party 8 Minigames (4 player)

The Mario Party 8 Minigames Page has been updated with all the 4 player Minigames. Please enjoy while I get the others ready. And the forum is still looking for new members. Join today!  

Mario Party 8 Screens Added

The Screens section of the Mario Party 8 page has been updated with 25 screens from the game. Enjoy. And on a side note, 3 moderaters and 1 Global Moderater have been chosen in the Forums. Check it out today!

More Mario Party Characters Up

The More Mario Party Character Page (the box with King Boo, Woody, etc. under the Mario Party games) is now up. Hope you enjoy it. And the Fan Content for the main site will not be posted until I can find a program that allows certain users to upload it. In the mean-time, you can … Read more

2 Links/Affiliates

2 new links/affiliates have been added to the Links page. We have Smash Draft, a site for local and worldwide tournaments. Online tournaments are free and prizes are involved. We also have Purple Yoshi’s Page, a site dedicated fully to Yoshi. It has a lot of fan content including cons, puzzles, and much more. Be … Read more

Fan Content Starts Today

The Fan Content is now beginning today. Click on the link (button) under the Other Character button on the left. Please be sure to read about how to submit your own content. Thanks.

Forums Back Up

Huge thanks to Joey (Slushie here) of the Mario Party Forum and Without him the forum would still not be up. With that, the shoutbox is now here. For me, I will continue fixing site errors, fan content, etc. Enjoy.

Forums Down

The forums are currently down. I ran into a few problems while trying to install a shoutbox. Please be patient. I am trying to fix it. You can always comment this news story while you wait…

Other Mario Party Page Up

The Other Mario Party Page is up with Mario Party info in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You can find this page at the bottom of the Mario Party Game list. Pictures will be added as soon as soon as they are available. Right now I am working on fixing some of the sites big problems … Read more