Mario Party DS 2 Announced?

A scan has been floating about the internet showing Mario Party on the DS, but not Mario Party DS. It appears to be another game presumably Mario Party DS 2. More info will be posted as it comes in. UPDATE : Discuss in Mario Party DS 2 topic in the forum under the Mario Party … Read more

Mario Party 8 – Boards, Candy, Modes, and Other are Up

The Mario Party 8 page has been updated with Boards, Candy, Modes, and Other. No pictures are up now, but they will be up as soon as they are available. Please enjoy and keep checking for a Mario Party 7 update. On a side note, the forum is still growing and new members are appreciated.

New to Mario Party and Hosts up

The “New to Mario Party” and “Hosts” page are now up. You can access the “New to Mario Party” page by clicking the picture of NEW TO MARIO PARTY? and the “Hosts” by clicking the picture of hosts, under the Mario Party games. More updates to come. If you still haven’t joined the forum, please … Read more

Some Links Fixed

I have been working on fixing the links so most should be working. Most of the stuff for now just says “coming soon”, so expect some of it soon. Character profiles are now updated with working pictures and and a few little fixes. That’s it for now, but expect more soon.

Pages Up

Alright, I got all the links to work but most of them just say “coming soon” since they are not ready yet. I got About, History, Contact, Special Thanks, and Mario Party 8 up. Remember that forum is already open. IMPORTANT: Any links (not including character pages and the banner) do not work outside the … Read more