Layout Done!

So the Layout is done! I hope you enjoy it and please comment! Sorry for the streched out home page, I am currently trying to get it fixed.

Site Undergoing Layout Changes… Again

The Site is going to be undergoing layout changes yet again. This time it won’t be a simple palate swap, though. It will look a lot better then what you are seeing now, I promise. So if you encounter any problems during this week, it will probably be me working on the layout. You can … Read more

No Mario Party at E3?

So there was no type of Mario Party shown at E3 this year. In fact, there was no type of Mario game shown at all. Are Mario Party games taking 2 years to complete now? Are they just not making any new ones because of the success of Mario Party 8? We will all just … Read more

Nintendo Conference begins in about 2 hours

The E3 08 Nintendo Conference starts in about 2 and a half hours so be prepared for a lot of Nintendo News. Games will be revealed throughout the day so be sure to check back here for the la Mario Party News.  Discussion is going on in the forums and feel free to join in.

5 Days until E3 08

 E3 08 is just around the corner with 5 days until the week kicks off on July 14. Be sure to check in for the la info on Mario Party throughout the week as updates are updated regularly. E3 08 can be discussed at the E3 Boards at the Forum. Remember, signing up is free.

Others Page updated with screens

I’m currently having some problems getting the rest of the Mario Party 8 Minigames up so I got the Super Smash Bros. Brawl screens up early. You can check them out in the “Others” section. Be sure to check back soon for the rest of the minigames.

New Link : GameTabs

We have a new link today, GameTabs. Here you can find a huge variety of guitar tabs all based on video game music. Tabs include Mario, Zelda, and many other great video game music. You can find the link in the Links page.