Mario Party 6

Mario Party 6 and its GameCube microphone attachment introduced six creative new boards, Toadette as a playable character, and the revised orb system.

While two boards retain the classic style of purchasing stars for the standard 20 coins, the other four boards introduce new objectives and rules, like the star stealing Chain Chomps of Snowflake Lake. Toadette is welcomed in as the eleventh character to join the playable character roster and a new Solo Mode tasks a single player to play minigames on mode exclusive maps. The microphone attached gets its own mode where microphone enabled minigames are played. Plus, 82 minigames!

Hit either of the two links below for Mario Party 6 board and minigame lists, along with tips and advice for each. Got a tip of your own? Make sure to submit any helpful advice with the submission form at the bottom of each tip page!

Board Tips  |  Minigame Tips

Release Dates

North America
Europe Australia
Thursday, November 18, 2004 Monday, December 6, 2004 Friday, March 18, 2005 Thursday, September 15, 2005

Playable Characters

Mario Party 6 keeps everyone from the previous game and adds Toadette as an unlockable.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Wario Daisy Waluigi Toad
Boo Koopa Kid Toadette*

*This character is playable for the first time and unlockable.

6 Boards

Towering Treetop
E. Gadd’s Garage
Faire Square
Clockwork Castle - Mario Party 6
Snowflake Lake
Castaway Bay
Clockwork Castle*

*This board is unlockable!

82 Mini-Games

4-Player (23) 1 vs 3 (11) 2 vs 2 (12)
Battle (6) Duel (15) DK (3)
Bowser (3) Mic (5) Rare (4)

6 Modes

Party Mode Solo Mode Mic Mode
Mini-Game Mode Star Bank Option Mode



Orbs You Use On Yourself
Mushroom Orb 5 coins Adds a second dice block to your roll.
Super ‘Shroom Orb 15 coins Adds two additional dice blocks to your roll.
Sluggish ‘Shroom Orb 10 coins Slow the dice block and select the number you want. Make sure to jump one number before the number you want.
Metal Mushroom Orb 10 coins Pass through any roadblock orb traps without getting affected.
Bullet Bill Orb 20 coins Roll a dice block and steal 20 coins from anyone you pass.
Warp Pipe Orb 10 coins Trade places with a random player.
Flutter Orb 30 coins Warps you to the star. You still have to purchase the star yourself!
Cursed Mushroom Orb Free Roll a dice block that only goes from 1-3. Only available in Solo Mode.
Orbs You Throw
Spiny Orb 5 coins Lose 10 coins.
Goomba Orb 10 coins Roll a dice block and the number you roll is the amount the player who landed on your space will give you.
Piranha Plant Orb 15 coins Steal half the coins of the opponent who lands on it.
Klepto Orb 5 coins Player is sent back to Start.
Toady Orb 5 coins Steal an orb from the player who lands on the space.
Kamek Orb 10 coins Take over an already placed orb from the player who lands on the space.
Mr. Blizzard Orb 10 coins Player who lands on the space loses all their orbs.
Roadblock Orbs
Podoboo Orb 5 coins Pass it and lose 10 coins.
Zap Orb 15 coins For every space after passing this roadblock, lose 5 coins. Deadly.
Tweester Orb 5 coins Pass by and get thrown to a random space.
Thwomp Orb 10 coins Immediately stop your roll and turn on the space the roadblock is on.
Bob-omb Orb 10 coins Pass through and have your remaining roll cut in half.
Koopa Troopa Orb 10 coins Swap places with the player the placed the roadblock.
Miscellaneous Orbs
Snack Orb 10 coins Protects you from a single Chain Chomp attack.
Boo Away Orb 10 coins Protects you from a single Pink Boo attack.


Blue Space Gain 3 coins.
Red Space Lose 3 coins.
Happening Space Activates event. Depends on board and placement.
Duel Space Activates a duel. Wager coins or a star.
DK Space Starts Donkey Kong event.
Bowser Space Starts Bowser event.
Miracle Space Starts a Miracle event. Essentially Chance Time!