GrandStarGalaxy said:
Well, it's finally happened. We've reached the end of the road for Splatoon DLC.
Well, we still have Ancho V-Games coming out. But after that I'm really hoping they'll go out with something. Kinda bummer for people getting the game after all the updates end. It's the full, final package, but I remember getting excited for all the new map updates being added and being able to experience the game as it grew.
That's a very unexpected Splatfest theme. Pokémon is getting a ton of things for the anniversary. The Pokémon Company must have set the theme. It's an interesting idea for a Splatfest. I might go with Pokémon Red, while Charizard is my least favorite starter of the 3, Red is of my favorite colors and it's the version I grew up playing.

I believe Red will be the more popular choice because of Charizard.
Yes, Charizard was more popular in all regions, but Venusaur and Blastoise defeated Charizard in all regions.

North America





Version 2.7.0 coming Tuesday, April 12, 2016! Here are the deets!

Public Squid Announcement said:
[Public Squid Announcement!] The Ver. 2.7.0 Update will be released on the evening of April 12th. Hey, that's next week! As usual, check out here for the full deets of what's included.

In preparation for this update, the Splatoon server will be under maintenance from 4:50 PM PT - 6:00 PM PT on April 12, and during this time, Splatoon's online services will be unavailable.

Also coming the evening of April 12 at 7 PM PT are eight weapons, known as Sheldon's Picks Vol. 1. Let's take a sneak peek at a few of 'em before they become available in Ammo Knights!

First up is the Wasabi Splattershot. This beauty is a Splattershot set featuring a few key adjustments by Sheldon. The main weapon is pretty much the same as before, but Splat Bombs amp up its frontline capability. Alternatively, try calling in an Inkstrike to scatter the opposition and give your teammates the advantage. This is just the set for the discerning Inkling looking for something spicy!

Behold the Berry Splattershot Pro! Don't let the tasty paint job fool ya! This remixed Splattershot Pro includes Suction Bombs and Bomb Rush to help punch through the opponent's defenses, letting you finish things off with the great firing range of the main.

The new and improved Fresh Squiffer is a Classic Squiffer retooled to allow a different approach. Pairing Suction Bombs with the Squiffer makes it even easier to get the upper hand in battle, and you can quickly turn the tables on foes with the Kraken! Definitely not a set for squids who are afraid to get their tentacles dirty!

The Permanent Inkbrush is a set remixed by Sheldon to include the high-powered sub of Splat Bombs while retaining the great mobility of earlier models. Recommended for aggressive Inklings with an uncontrollable urge to wreak maximum havoc. Watch out for the Kraken special!