The upcoming game a lot have been waiting for. The game is basically a shooter, but in a Nintendo style. It's protagonised by human-squids called Inklings and the main objective of the game is shoot ink, paint more area as possible and try to stop the opponents for doing the same.
Here's the trailers:
Here's more info about the game:

Splatoon will arrive to eShop and stores May 2015.
I can't wait ! The main tower is the online multiplayer , so that may be your go-to mode . The campaign mode , looks interesting , but I don't think I might be too invested in that . The customization part will no doubt be my fav part about this game . Hopefully I can get this game one day . EDIT : Hopefully there are good servers .
Im getting Splatoon Day one it looks so intresting and I love when Nintendo take there time on online multiplayer games as I feel a real sense of progression. Really looking forward to see more from this game and I hope there is a good leveling up system and most importantly it looks FUN!  :nyan:
Vipsoccermaster said:
MattC said:
Vipsoccermaster said:
Also, there is no voice chat - Nintendo confirmed this.
Dumb, dumb move.
It's better they went with that than allowing voice chat. No one wants to hear trash-talking, do they?
Not having voice chat also doesn't allow people who are playing others online to communicate to each other easily. It's been a sample of other successful FPS games and really should be included in this game.

Trash talking is a by-product of having voice chat in games.
Mother4Ever said:
Okay with all the new contain revealed for this game I think it's same to say that this has my money, I'm gonna buy its Amiibo too and choose Inkling as a character in smash :p this looks fun and I might play it a lot...so is this the new IP they were talking about?
Back at E3 yes it was.
Launch day for me probably, it's the only Wii U game coming out until September...
I don't like shooters, but it's not fire, or bullets, it's ink. XD
Sashe2705 said:
I'm planning to get this game, unlike when they first announced it at E3 :p. I hope there are more maps, though, cause I don't think 3 are enough. Only 3 are announced yet, right?
No , there are more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCsVnlCogsI
I'm worried about how it is only 1.8 gigs , but I heard Tokyo EAD is a god at compressing their games . 3D World was around 2 gigs , I believe . The game looks solid , and it is my top priority right now , but there is only 2 modes (I'm not sure if I'm correct on that) in Online Multiplayer , single player campaign , and character customisation . I'm realy hoping this game will have a lot of replay value in what we currently know (which is about almost everything because we are so close to release date) .