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New Mario Party 10 Footage, New Board Revelead

A new trailer featuring brand new Mario Party 10 footage has been discovered. The off-screen footage shows a brand new board that was not seen in the game’s first trailer or demo. This new board is set high up on the clouds and features an objective that has players taking down a airship. Check out the video below!

Thanks to for the footage and Froster for the tip!

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87 thoughts on “New Mario Party 10 Footage, New Board Revelead

      1. DryBowser9999

        I’m pretty sure it can be done with one of the text effects, but I have a really old version of iMovie so I wouldn’t know.

  1. froster

    I think that were will be different modes to play a board. Or do you think that Big Bowser walk on the clouds, the clouds looks too small for it. Maybe we get one or two boards with a classic MP Style Modi.

  2. Vipsoccermaster

    So it seems that every board will have a different objective, not just collecting Mini-Stars to win. That’s good. One board for collecting Mini-Stars is fine.

    1. 8B1T

      People can dream for Classic (MP1-8+DS) mode then. :p I would like something similar to Perilous Palace Path if that is possible… except with coins and stars. 😛

      1. Mr. Sushi

        Unfortunately, I don’t think classic mode’s coming back, unless you count Mario Party: Island Tour as “classic”.

    2. Mario_Comix

      Hm, but it makes me wonder, what purpose do the Mini Stars serve on that course? Maybe taking down the Airship is not the main purpose, but if you are the one to do so then you get a whole ton of Mini Stars?

      1. Vipsoccermaster

        Or perhaps multiple objectives? Unlikely. But maybe you are right, that there are still Mini-Stars (I think I overlooked) so maybe collecting the most Mini-Stars IS the primary objective after all. >_>

    1. DryBowser9999

      Maybe we could see a board based on Mount Wario too. Wario’s Mad Dash…I like the sound of that.

    2. Sea Slug and Wagashi

      Or NSMBU Meringue Clouds. Or SMB3 Sky World. Or any other place with clouds and airships.

  3. Boo3DGoldBoo

    Sorry for be an off-topic comment, but I recently made a Mario Golf World Tour tournament that ends in 5 days. The name is Boo/GoldBoo Tour and the code is:
    It’s a simple golf tournament in Forest Course for compete for the lowest point. I invite you all to join, but you only appear if you want.

    1. Bowser498

      Sure thing! I have the game and will try it! I will edit this comment when I have the score. I will also put a tournament of mine with a code in a different comment. 🙂

      1. Boo3DGoldBoo

        You get more than me. I had -5, I always had Par and Birdie. By the way if you check the leader board you probably see me, I’m Bniker, last time I checked I was at 6th place.

          1. Boo3DGoldBoo

            I’m going to sleep at moment (1am in my country), so I’ll play your tournament tomorrow. I’ll edit the comment after I know the score.

          2. Boo3DGoldBoo

            I’ve another challange for you. The tournament is called Crazy Boos, the code is: 33-6682-4899-3985. Good luck, you’ll need it. I’ve +12, I get super screwed in hole 18, the other goles was a few of bogeys, pars and one birdie in the last hole. (I get the game recently and was my 1st time playing in Rock-Candy Mines)

          3. Boo3DGoldBoo

            My FC: 2380-2484-3434. Add me! (3DS FC, of course) 🙂
            (My Mii is called Bniker, by the way)

          4. Boo3DGoldBoo

            This is my last tournament: 34-3983-9345-6444. If you want to join, well join. 😉
            The tournament is called Thief Challange, basically because you only can play as thiefs (Wario, Waluigi, Boo, Bowser Jr., Nabbit), it’s in Mountain Course and is 9 random holes.

          5. Bowser498

            If you’re interested, try this: 14-7746-8794-4135. I also love your new profile pic.! ;P

          6. Boo3DSmashBoo

            Here’s my current ones, if you’re interested ;P :
            Tour of Luigi: 36-8422-2987-8507
            Bowser’s Bomb: 56-1438-1293-8619

        1. Bowser498

          In my 1st tournament, I got -6. I have a 2nd tournament. The code is 39-0326-6314-1667.

    2. Bowser498

      Here’s my tournament code: 57-2304-3957-4321. It is nine holes on Seaside Course and has no coins or items. Good luck! 🙂

  4. GameGuy5

    This is how I see this board – 3 objectives: Collect mini-stars (obviously) / Avoid the airship / Destroy the airship.

    In the stormy section, there are no cannons present, or anything that could harm/destroy the airship. And the space that Mario landed on had a glowing red target on it, signifying to, well… Not land/pass on it, as a bullet bill seems to destroy (half) your mini-stars. And, this section appears to travel in a straight line. So maybe through this section, you’re just trying to escape as quickly as possible to keep all of your mini-stars collected in tact.

    Now the canyon-section, you’re probably going to play a little more offensive. The airship is placed in the center of the area, and the players travel around it in a circle. Everyone wants to land on cannon spaces, and hit the airship as much as possible. Now, eliminating the airship (as seen in the trailer) can do a variety of things, such as:

    – Award the one character with mini-stars. (Least likely, to me)
    – Trigger a boss battle.
    – Everyone would get a certain amount of mini-stars based on how many times they’ve hit the airship. And the one character who dealt the “final attack” on the airship would get more (similar to MP9). And if you get hit by the airship’s attack (notice a red ! Space, or bad event), it would subtract from your “score” after defeating it. So maybe the airships are sort of like the “bosses” of this board, or not.

    I can’t really picture there only being 2 sections to this board. There has to at least be a third section. Sky & Canyon are a little weird to be left.. By themselves, I guess. And if the whole theme is airships, why only have 2? (Assuming there’s one airship per terrain-section)

    OR, I’m just completely wrong and have wasted a lot of space. :p

  5. GameGuy5

    I would edit the post below, but because I typed so much, and this is an iPad, it acts all spastic. Upon.. Looking closer, lmao, I realize that’s… Not a canyon. It makes more sense, now that I think about it: A storm section and a sunrise-looking section.

    And I have to ask, why is Bowser moving slowly, one step per second in the beginning?

    1. RafalRib

      Maybe Bowser starts to move slowly when the number that he got on the dices can get him to the car so he goes more slowly to thrill the players!

        1. Waluigifan32

          Yeah but i hope they do a mode where you can walk as a seperate character on a board

  6. Boo3DGoldBoo

    Board Names (new version :p, but still with the other thought too):
    Mario Party Land
    Cloudtop Cruiser (this name can fit good both Mario Party and Mario Kart)

  7. DryBowser9999

    I wonder if this board is similar to Clockwork Castle in that the object is to destroy the airships during the day but avoid them in the night. That would be an interesting theme and bring back some of the classic Mario Party 6 feel.

  8. RafalRib

    Is it me or the Tower at the middle of the Board and the Castle at the end could mean the Return of Boss Battles??? If so…..I LOVE THIS GAME!

  9. Forge233

    I’m diggin’ this game from what I’ve seen which isn’t a lot. I don’t mind the car thing at all honestly. I like the attractions thing because I used to love doing extra things in the boards like calling everyone to the milk drinking hootenanny on Western Land or Rockets blasting on Mario Party 5’s Space Dream! It really makes the boards pop. Different boards rules are a cool thing to return also. Hopefully in the future, a Mario Party Anniversary Game could come out bundling the original trio on 3DS or Wii U. :T

  10. CamTro Uchiha

    It’s cool if the story mode- Fake Bowser chasing people until they finally defeat it, but next stage- Destroy Airships before they idk take over? then next stage…idk 😮

  11. Waluigifan32

    Instead of putting Mario Kart items in Island Tour put it in Mario Party 10.It looks way better because everyone is sitting cars.I hope there will be an option to play the classic party we all know and love.

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