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Footage of Toadette, Nabbit, Rosalina, and Gold Mario in Mario Golf

Nintendo recently announced that Toadette, Nabbit, Rosalina, and Gold Mario will all be playable characters in Mario Golf: World Tour through three DLC packs. It wasn’t long before videos of the four new stars made their way onto the net, and you can see all the footage in the single video down below!

In addition to the characters, the three DLC packs feature six new courses: Toad Highlands, Koopa Park, Layer-Cake Desert, Sparkling Waters, Rock-Candy Mines, and Mario’s Star!

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  • SonicShadow


  • Jimmy Elwell

    toadette is so happy sounding! So is rosalina! Everyone seems so much more happy lately

    • The clips from Rosalina are actually recycled from Mario Kart 7.

  • Person McPerson

    despite the fact nabbit has appeared in less than 5 games, every day he is getting closer to being my favorite character in the mario games.

  • Sea Slug and Wagashi

    They have such cool hole-in-one animations.

    • Jimmy Elwell

      hey, we actually got our predictions somewhat right!

  • tsvlink25

    I love how Rosalina doesn’t even have sport-attire, or physically hold her club. She seems so majestic, lol.


    I might get the season pass whilst I wait for MK8

  • TwoDreamy Luigi

    I laughed & loved Nabbit’s Hole-in-One animation. Guess Nabbit’s gonna revisit a level in New Super Mario Bros. U & shoots for the moon. Heck, even it has the same HUD. Kudos, Nintendo for some funny & creative animations.

    • Mario_Comix

      The coins he collects during that animation even count towards the actual total!

      • TwoDreamy Luigi

        Such a lucky Bandit of its own. Guess Nabbit likes earning coins like a rouge.

        • Mario_Comix

          Never mind, upon repeated re-watching the coins add up to his “NSLU total”

  • Lots of Lilian

    This video’s actually making me love Toadette & Rosalina even more. And Nabbit’s quickly working his way up there too! If there had to be a newcomer for Mario Kart, I’d only accept him, Kamek, Dixie Kong or a Sprixie Princess.

  • MagiKooper

    Must resist urge to buy game……IT’S SO INCREDIBLE! But I hate golf beyond belief…..well not hate it…i’m just not into it….CURSE ME NOT BEING INTO GOLF!

  • Roninor Derpypants

    Wow. I’m very surprised that Nabbit made it in. Also, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY TOADETTE IS IN :DDDDD

    • the 3 awesome princesses

      now iwant her in mp10

      • Roninor Derpypants

        God, If she isn’t then I am so confused with what Nintendo is doing.

        • the 3 awesome princesses

          and i’m gonna be sad

  • Luma

    I love how Rosalina uses her wand to swing the golf club.

  • Boo3DarkBoo

    AWESOME. I need to say, this is an amazing new Mario golf, if not the best.

  • DryBowser9999

    And the demo for this game comes out today in North America!

  • Roninor Derpypants

    If Gold Mario ends up replacing Metal Mario, I’d be ok with it since I prefer Gold over Metal.

  • Roninor Derpypants

    The fact that Rosalina simply moves the golf club with her wand is SO COOL!

  • Roninor Derpypants

    I really need to see some footage of Toad, Birdo, Paratroopa, and Kamek!

    • DryBowser9999

      I wonder if Kamek moves his club with his wand too…

      • T0blet

        He holds the club with both hands, but he does hover like Rosalina though.

        • DryBowser9999

          That’s interesting, thank you. Have you gotten the demo yet?

          • T0blet

            Not yet but I plan to this weekend. I would’ve got it earlier if I had internet connection on my 3DS. :p

          • DryBowser9999

            That’s too bad about your internet connection. The demo is pretty good. There’s a lot to do on it.

        • Roninor Derpypants

          Can I see some footage? Thanks.

  • CuriousUser

    Why is Rosalina still in her gown and not a Sports Outfit like the other Princesses?

    • Roninor Derpypants

      They don’t make golf gear in space.

  • Roninor Derpypants

    Eight days… Just eight days…..

    • Birdo fangirl

      it is closer than I thought :O

  • DannyRaisin4

    Toadette 😀

  • GameGuy5

    Nintendo, please… Shutup and take my money. .__.

    • DryBowser9999

      Do you have the demo?

      • GameGuy5

        I was gonna download it right now, but I need more space on my SD Card, *sigh*.

        • DryBowser9999

          That’s too bad, the demo is amazing. It convinced me to buy the game!

          • GameGuy5

            It’s fine. Since I had nothing left to delete on my other SD Card, I found my old one and it has around 100,000 open blocks left. :p

          • DryBowser9999

            Nice, so how do you like the demo?

    • Boo3DarkBoo

      You’re not the only with that in mind. 😉

  • Roninor Derpypants

    The game is pretty good, judging by the demo, but there is just something about it that makes me wait ’till later to buy it.

  • Roninor Derpypants

    I’m glad Gold Mario’s voice isn’t all choppy like “M-e-t-a-l M-a-r-i-o”

    • Boo3DarkBoo

      I heard in MK8 Metal Mario voice and animations will be different this time around.

      • Roninor Derpypants

        I’ve seen gameplay and it doesn’t seem like it :/

  • Mario

    Nintendo really love putting me in every game they make

  • Nintendecko

    there should be a DLC for super Mario 3d world with nabbit playable in it ‘super Luigi 3d world’

  • That Guy Over There

    New Trailer about new courses.

  • garroldgansun

    One more week.

  • Luigifan3DSGCN

    Alright! The crew gets better and better! Rosalina and Toadette’s back 28 days early!

  • Guest

    It kinda sounds like they’re pushing out a turd when they charge up.

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