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Mario Party: Island Tour Out In Europe & Australia! And Release Info

Mario Party: Island Tour has finally landed in Europe and Australia, nearly a two-month long wait after the game was first released in North America on Friday, November 22, 2013. Play through Bowser’s Tower, play through seven boards, play over 80 mini-games, and more! Be sure to enable StreetPass for the game to challenge other players who have the game! We have the page and guides up, although some content are still under construction.

Japan and South Korea finally set a release date for Mario Party: Island Tour. They will both get the game on Thursday, March 20, 2014, the day Spring/Autumn begins.

That’s not all, though. Earlier today, there was a Nintendo Direct for South Korea, and it showed a few release dates for its first party offerings. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is officially out in South Korea, having landed on Thursday, January 16, 2014. They also announced that Mario Golf: World Tour is coming to them in 2014, just like everywhere else is.

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  • Braystar

    Ok, I’ll put this on my B-day list. *writes down* There, done! Only 21 days and 1 month ’till ma Birthday! (OH DEAR LORD IT’S TOO LONG!)

    • Eric Yan

      tick tock tick tock…

      • Braystar

        16 days and 1 month… CRAP STILL TOO LONG!!!!!!

  • CuriousUser

    Finally got this game today, as I said in a Miiverse post. Not sure why they’d delay the game in the PAL Regions.

  • Yessoan

    Went out to get it as soon as I could. It’s soooo great!

  • Boo3DarkBoo

    Yeah, I will have this game very soon.

  • Sea Slug and Wagashi

    Japan has to wait until March 20! Oh god…

    • Luigiguy567

      First Mario Party 9, now this.

  • Luigiguy567

    Hey guys. Remember about my Mario Party fan-game I revealed earlier? I finally have a close-to-complete roster. Also notice there is one more new character I wanted to include, but I want to keep him/her as a secret for now.
    100% confirmed to be playable:
    Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Daisy, Waluigi

    High chance of being playable:
    Toad, Toadette, Boo, Birdo, Dry Bones, Donkey Kong, Rosalina

    Low chance of being playable:
    Kamek, Hammer Bro, Blooper, Koopa Kid

    NOT playable:
    Bowser Jr, Koopa, Shy Guy

    • T0blet

      Awesome, great choices. 🙂 By the way will Bowser Jr, Koopa and Shy Guy play some sort of NPC role?

      • Luigiguy567

        Yes, Jr. has his own space again and helps his father. Koopa and Shy Guy appear in boards and minigames.

        • Eric Yan

          are you actually going to make the game?

          • Luigiguy567

            Yes, I am.

    • Braystar


  • CuriousUser

    One of the Minigame’s in MPIT had the very name of a Simpsons episode. Nintendo won’t like it when Matt Groening hear’s bout that:

  • 8B1T

    Lots of regional minigame name changes in the PAL version (plus Bowser’s Peculiar Peak -> Bowser’s Bizarre Volcano)

    • Braystar

      Really??? Crap, I better expect HEAPS of changes IF I get this.

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