Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Walkthrough – Old Clockworks



3.1 – A Timely Entrance [C-1]


Look through the telescope on your right to see a white ghost enter the clock tower. Flash the gate with a bright light and head for the giant clock blocking the entrance to the mansion. Taking note of the small clock next to it, wind the clock to 3:30 to unblock the door. Enter the Warehouse and spin the roll of string off the spindle. Head to the right and open the giant safe to find a gold ring of string. Carry it over to the spindle and unwind it to get a key. Unlock the door on the right to enter the Workshop to find two Greenies. Defeat them and head through the door on the right. Now in the Clock Tower Gate, try to open the gate in the center of the room. With the task unsuccessful, defeat the three Greenies that enter the room.

After this, enter the Cargo Room on the right. Yank off the paper covering a bomb on the wall, and flash it with light to activate it. After the sand stops pouring in, pull on the rope to bring down a set of stairs. Climb up to be confronted by two Greeneis and a Slammer. Once defeated, climb up the stairs and enter the upper level of the Clock Tower Gate. Use the Dark-Light Device to reveal two pieces of the missing walkway, then enter the next door that leads to the Drafting Office. Inside, spin the fan to reveal three Sneakers in the room. Defeat them and spin the fan to push back the left wall. Enter the left side of the room and open the desk to reveal the Special Campus. E. Gadd will send you back to the Bunker after this.


3.2 – Underground Expedition [C-2]

In the Clockworks Court, head to the X marked on the map. A trap door should appear after activating the location, dropping you down to the underground portion of the mansion. Inside the Storm Cellar, defeat the two Greenies, including the one hiding under the bed. Drop the rock that one of the Greenies used onto the lever to free the way to the door. Inside the Canyon Hall, walk to the right and remove a sheet off the right wall to reveal a hole leading to the Canyon Narrows. Grab a hold of the lift and move to the other side of the area. Move forward and do the same to get back to the other side of the canyon. Enter back into the Canyon Hall and defeat the single Sneaker that stalks the hall.

Enter into the Roundhouse Pit and give the rope on the wall three tugs to tear it down. Enter the Pit Slide and walk towards the slope. Being his clumsy self, Luigi will slip and slide down the sand slide, collecting gold bars and coins along the way. At the bottom, enter through the door into the Quarry. Inside, walk down the steps to the lower level and head to the mine cart on the right side of the room. Pull on the rope of the mine cart until it lands in the hole in the track. As the sand starts fill up the room, fight off five Greenies and three Sneakers before entering the door on the right.

Inside the darkened Antechamber, find a spiderweb ball and light it using one of the torches at the entrance. Use the flaming spiderweb ball to pass through the giant spiderwebs that block the path. Once you make it to the end, you will have access to the Tomb. Try opening the coffin in the center to find the one of the clock hands, but don’t be alarmed when an Ancient Poltergiest makes off with it. With nothing in hand, watch as mummies rise from the sand. To defeat them, flash a light at them to cause them to sprint forward. If the run into a wall or object, they will fall flat on their faces, allowing you to suck off the linen and reveal a hidden Greenie inside. After all three are defeated, E. Gadd will pixelate you back to the Bunker.



3.3 – Roundhouse Brawl [C-3]

This time you start off in the Warehouse. Going into the Roundhouse on the lower level won’t do you any good, so use the lift on your left to take you to the upper level of the Warehouse. Go through the door to enter the Clockmaker’s Chambers. Before going through the next door, suck up the rug and use the fan to change the time of the clock to 9:00. This will set off the alarm, causing the Greenie to wake up. Defeat him and grab the seventh gem. Now in the Roundhouse, you’ll see the Ancient Poltergeist on the lower level, but there isn’t anything you can do at the moment. Cross the beams to get to the other side, and enter the door at the end of the walkway. The Transportation Hall contains a floor that does not allow you to move forward, only backward. This means that you will have to go through all the rooms on the side to move forward.

Enter the Finishing Room and use your Dark-Light Device to find a Grennie hidden behind a welding mask on the wall. After this, defeat another Greenie that appears and leave the room through the next door. Back in the Transportation Hall, wall directly across to the door on the right to get into the Container Yard. Defeat the two Slammers that wait out here, then tug on the rope that dispenses bombs. Load three bombs on the weight to bring down the platform. Cross it, then ignite the bombs, allowing the next platform to drop, giving you access to the next door. Walk across the Transportation Hall and into the Kiln Room. Inside, use the Dark-Light Device to uncover a hidden valve on the right. Turn both valves to defog the room and flash the light on the green bulb to open the door. Defeat the two Greenies inside, then take care of the Boo that pops out right after.

Exit through the next door and enter back into the Transportation Hall. At the end of the hall, uncover a cog that will blast you over the gap. Use the Dark-Light Device to uncover a key, then walk back down the hall. At the end you will find a locked door that will get you back to the lower level of the Roundhouse where the Ancient Poltergeist rests. Fight off the Ancient Poltergeist while fending off bombs and a couple of Sneakers to claim one of the clock hands. E. Gadd will call you back after the fight.


3.4 – Play Catch [C-4]

E. Gadd will transport you to the Clockworks Court where three Greenies and a Polterpup play with the second clock hand. as expected, the Polterpup will snatch the clock hand run into the Warehouse. Follow the pup into the Warehouse and take a right into the Workshop. Activate the spindle to find the Polterpup and follow him into the Clock Tower Gate. Move through the Cargo Room and into the upper levels of the Clock Tower Gate, then make your way to the Drafting Office and open the filing cabinets to find the Polterpup. In a shocking turn of events, the pup will run off to the left.

Enter the upper level of the Warehouse and you’ll encounter a Greenie with a force field. To tear off the force field, wait until your meter reaches the “A” before you can suck in the ghost normally. Go through the Clockmaker’s Chambers and into the Roundhouse Pit where the Polterpup waits across the beams. Cross them and follow the pup into the Transportation Hall. Go into the Finishing Room and defeat two Slammers and another Greenie with a force field. Enter back into the Transportation Hall and into the Container Yard where you must drop the three bombs to lower the platform and then remove them to be able to exit the room through the next door. Back in the Transportation Hall, slowly walk over to the Polterpup and get him with a flash of light. Once defeated, the clock hand will be yours and you’ll be sent back to the Bunker.


3.5 – Piece at Last [C-5]

Looks like the rotor is still missing, the final piece that will unlock the Clocktower Gate. E. Gadd will start you off in the Service Elevator where you will witness a Strong Sneaker take off with the rotor. Enter the Gear Chamber on your right and hop onto the lift. The lift will take you down to a lower level, but you won’t be able to get back up. Peek through the hole in the right wall to see the ghosts hiding the rotor in the next room. There is nothing you can do at the moment, so head left and go down the stairs. Go through the door on the right to enter the lower level of the Service Elevator.

Go through the next door into the Maintenance Hub. Flash the green bulb to drop down a rope that you can take to get onto the middle platform. Right where you drop , shine the Dark-Light Device on the wall to reveal a door leading into the Crank Room. Inside, head right and down the stairs. Walk across the cogs and use the Dark-Light Device to uncover a hidden cog. This will get things rolling, so head back towards the door, but instead of going through, ride the cog on the left. Follow the path of coins and head through the spinning cog to get to the area with the two Slammers. Defeat them and grab the key sitting in the last locker. Ride the cogs on the right and head back to the Maintenance Hub.

Enter through the locked door on the left to get to the Synchro Gantry. Active the birdhouse to get Luigi thrown into the Synchronization Room. Uncover a hidden valve near the other two, then turn all three so that the corresponding cogs make a pathway to the Toad painting. Free Yellow Toad from the painting and fight of two Greenies with force fields before moving back into the previous room. Before going back through the wooden birdhouse, suck up Toad and throw him over onto the assembly line. In the next area, defeat the two Greenies terrorizing Toad and enter back into the Maintenance Hub. Suck up Toad and blast him over to the door on the right. As you are about to get off the cog to head to the rope, three Greenies will ambush you and you’ll have to defeat them in order to get through.

Walk through the Service Elevator and into the Gear Chamber where the Strong Sneaker waits. The Strong Sneaker will sit to the side and summon waves of enemies. The first batch consists of three Greenies, the second three Greenies with shovels, the third three Greenies with force fields, the fourth three mummies, and finally the Strong Sneaker itself. Once all are defeated, head up the stairs and blast Toad onto the lifted lift to lower it down. Enter through the door on the right to get into the Storage Room. Remove some flyers at the top of the stairs to find an opening that you can throw Toad into. Once you do, Toad will grab the rotor waiting inside. Go up the stairs and out the next door into the Gear Chamber. Keep going left and into the Service Elevator where you can use the Pixelator to send Toad back. The mission will end shortly after.


3.6 – Showtime [C-Boss]


Luigi will be conveniently transported to the Clock Tower Gate where he will place the clock hands and the rotor onto the giant clock. You’ll need to find the right time to turn the clock to, and this can be done by peering through the hole on the wall and seeing what time the little clock displays. In this case it is 7:30. Once in Movements, use the valves on the giant contraption to raise the platform you are standing on. Once you reach the top, enter the door to find yourself in the Belfry. Walk towards the large ladder, only to be shot up right to the top at the Belfry Clock.


Here you will fight another white possessor ghost that will take control of the giant clock and spawn enemies at every hour. After all the enemies of a single hour are defeated, the clock will reset and move onto the next hour. When the boss ghost appears, wait for it to run against the wall four times, then suck on it until the “A” appears. The following enemies can be found at the following hours:

  1. Greenie [1]
  2. Greenies [3]
  3. Greenies [5]
  4. Slammers [2] – Boss Ghost
  5. Beetles [10]
  6. Sneakers [3]
  7. Hammer and Shield Greenies [3]
  8. Mummies [3] – Boss Ghost
  9. Beetles [15]
  10. Creepers [2]
  11. Bombs [10]
  12. Greenie [1], Sneaker [1], Slammer [1], Hammer and Shield Greenies [2], Bombs [2], Beetles [5] – Boss Ghost


Keep in mind that the boss ghost does not have its own time, and instead goes immediately after the 4, 8, and 12 hours. The giant clock hands are also moving and will become burning hot at one point. You can move them back with the vacuum to increase your time. Once defeated, E. Gadd will send you back with the piece of the Dark Moon safe and secure!



3.7 – Outlandish Interruption [C-Ghost]

NOTE! This mission is unlocked when all five Boos of Gloomy Mansion have been caught! If you need help finding them, check here!


While the piece of the Dark Moon has already been taken, all of the ghosts have not left just yet. Professor E. Gadd will send Luigi back to the mansion to eradicate the last ghosts, with the goal of doing it as fast as possible. With the clock ticking Luigi will travel to the following rooms:

  • Warehouse [x2]
  • Clockmaker’s Chambers [x2]
  • Finishing Room
  • Container Yard

The order in which the rooms are accessed and the types and number of ghosts will vary each time as everything is randomized. After clearing the sixth room, E. Gadd will bring you back to his Bunker.