Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – Boo Locations

Boos are back in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and five of them are hidden within each mansion. Having trouble finding them? Use our guide to help you track them down!

NOTE! Before you can start catching Boos, you will need to obtain the Dark-Light Device in A-4!


Gloomy Manor – A-1

Once you enter the mansion, head for the Garage. Use the Dark-Light Device on the area next to the door to reveal a hidden tire. Collect the Spirit Balls to reveal Boogie Woogie!


Gloomy Manor – A-2

You can catch this Boo very early on in the mission. Once you start, head into the Mudroom and use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a hidden stool next to the fallen over chair. After collecting the Spirit Balls, BaBoon will appear.


Gloomy Manor – A-3

This one is a little more tricky than the rest. Head into the Studio and yank off the cloth covering the canvas. Turns out the canvas is invisible, so get out your Dark-Light Device and get to work. Boo Boo will appear after collecting the Spirit Balls.


Gloomy Manor – A-4

This is where you will encounter a Boo for the first time, and this is also required to complete the mission. After entering the Dining Room, Luigi will witness a Boo in the act of vanishing the dinner table. Use the Dark-Light Device to restore the dinner table to its normal state, only to have Boo reenter the room and wreak havoc. Use the Dark-Light Device to spot him while he is invisible, then, when he is dazed, use the vacuum to latch onto his tongue and project him across the room. After his HP gone, give him one last suck of the vacuum and he will be yours.


Gloomy Manor – A-5

Now that the Library is vacant and free of Poltergeists, use the Dark-Light to reveal the hidden piano in the upper right corner. Collect the Spirit Balls and capture Ooga Booga, the last Boo in Gloomy Manor.


Haunted Towers – B-1


In the Hydro Generator, use the Dark-Light Device to uncover a folder cabinet on the right side of the room. Inside you should find MamBoo.


Haunted Towers – B-2


Our next Boo is found in the Sewers, an area that is not meant to be explored in this mission. Once you are in the Gardener’s Laboratory, walk down the corridor with water and enter the door on your left to find yourself in the Sewers. Pull on the purple gunk on the ceiling to reveal Boolean.


Haunted Towers – B-3

After rescuing Toad from the Crypt, use your Dark-Light Device to uncover a vase to your right. Shake the vase to have Booluga pop out.


Haunted Towres – B-4


When you get to the Family Room, keep an eye out for a missing portrait. Once you restore it, shake the the portrait to reveal the next Boo, Boo B. Trap.


Haunted Towers – B-5


Our final Boo of Haunted Towers can be found in the Tool Shed after the Polterpup has gone from the Garden to the Toolshed Stairs. The Tool Shed will be completely empty, so restore all the tools and items to have French Boodle appear.


Old Clockworks – C-1


Head over to the Warehouse and find the red roll of string on the left side of the room. Bring it to the spindle and have it unraveled to reveal ComBooter.


Old Clockworks – C-2


After defeating all the enemies in the Quarry, reveal a hidden bridge with the Dark-Light Device. After restoring the bridge, Bootine will appear.


Old Clockworks – C-3


In the Kiln Room, use the Dark-Light Device to reveal a hidden valve. Turn both valves to defog the room, then flash the green bulb by the door. Boodonkulous will appear after opening the doors.


Old Clockworks – C-4


In the Clock Tower Gate, shine the Dark-Light Device to the right of the actual gate to uncover a lantern. Once revealed, JamBoolaya will appear.


Old Clockworks – C-5


In the Crank Room, once you have activated the cogs, ride the big cog on the left and just before you walk through the next cog, yank off the cloth on the left wall to reveal a secret area. Inside, use the Dark-Light Device to discover a chest with Boony Raboot inside.

Secret Mine – D-1

In Deep Hall, use the Dark-Light Device on a hidden barrel on the right side of the reflective ice. Shake the barrel to reveal Boofoon.

Secret Mine – D-2

When you start in the Chalet, immediately use the Dark-Light Device to uncover the rocking chair to the right of the fireplace. Once revealed, Booger will pop out.


Secret Mine – D-3

In the Deep Hall, use the Dark-Light Device to bring back the missing teapot sitting over the campfire. Once revealed, use the Poltergust 5000 to push it down the stick and have it heat up. Just after steam starts pouring out, so will the Boo hidden inside, ParaBoola.


Treacherous Mansion – E-1


In the Underground Lab, shock the knight in the middle of the room with a jolt of electricity by spinning the valve in the back of teh room. This will cause Boolldog to appear.


Treacherous Mansion – E-2


With both Green Toad and Purple Toad by your side, blast them into the two cages of the statue in the middle of the Inner Courtyard. Boopa Troopa will appear and start a mandatory fight.


Treacherous Mansion – E-3

Grab a purple balloon from the back of the Study and take it to the Dark Age Exhibit using the portals. Float to the right side of the room and suck up the golden balloon. A group of coins will line up in the air making the shape of a Boo. Collect all the coins before teh time limit runs out to reveal a treasure chest on the bottom floor. Open it to reveal Booreaucrat.


Treacherous Mansion – E-4


This mission will have you fighting of Big Boo, the combination of 10 different normal Boos. Defeat Big Boo to have 10 Boos added to your count.


Treacherous Mansion – E-5


Before you head to the Terrace and witness the portal being activated by King Boo, go to the Aviation Exhibit and uncover the missing hot air balloon in the middle of the room. This will reveal MaraBoo, the last Boo to capture!