Visit one of the many other Mario and Nintendo sites from around the web. – One of the most resourceful Mario Party and Mario sites out there. (German) – The ultimate Mario Party DS fan-site.

Mario Monsters – a compendium of Mario monsters.

Gaming Reinvented – a gaming site focused on stories by users rather than a staff.

GameTabs – Search for video games guitar tabs through a huge list that is updated regularly.

Toad’s Castle – A Mario and Nintendo website full of content.

Boo Mansion – A Boo themed Mario website with tons of content such as sprites, comics, artwork, and many more downloads.

DSi-XL – A website dedicated to all things DSi XL.

Eyes on Nintendo – A German website focusing on all things Nintendo.

Mario Mayhem – A Mario website with tons of fun Mario extras.

ZeldaMotion – A project taking the Zelda manga and turning it into a fully colored and animated experience.

Absolute Mario – A Mario website with music, videos, and more.

SuperPhillip Central – Reviews and features on all of gaming.

Want Midna Back – A site dedicated to the return of Midna in a future Zelda game.

PidgiPress – Pokemon and Nintendo news in a neat and orderly fashion. – Everything Mario! In German! Lots of info, screens, and more.

Super Luigi Bros. – A site dedicated to all things Mario and Luigi from the NES to the current generation.

The Bottle Crew – Hosts of the yearly Mariothon! All sorts of streams throughout the year!

The Bowser Shrine – A site dedicated to everything Bowser!

Printable Invitations for Kids – Free printable invitational templates for parties!

Yoshi’s Moon – A  site dedicated to all things Yoshi!

Nintendo Castle – Quality walkthroughs, guides, news, and reviews on everything Nintendo!

Mario Party Wiki – A wiki dedicated to all things Mario Party. Help by adding content today!

NintyBuzz – Your latest source for Nintendo news and features!

Super Mario 128 Central – For everything Mario!



Retired Sites

These sites are no longer running, but their legacy and memories remain.

Mario Party Wiki – A just opened growing Wiki around the idea of Mario Party.

Mario Resource – A great Mario website for all your favorite Mario games throughout the years.

Super Smash Bros. Revolution – A nice website including SSB hacks and other random things.

The Hanafuda Times – A Nintendo site with a great and very active podcast.

Flaming Controller –  Video game news all in one place. A Forum has also started up.

Purple Yoshi’s Page – your number one stop for all your Yoshi needs.

Pimp My Nintendo – A site with something new to see every day from Special Videos to Nintendo Sprites.

Donut Plains – A constantly updated Mario site with plenty of news and info.

SuperJoystix – Live in the UK and looking to buy games? Look no further!

Mario Modding Mansion – A hub for the modding community of the NES Super Mario titles!

Nintendo 3DS Community – The number one place for 3DS News, Information, and discussion.

Nintendo 3DS Daily –  All your 3DS news in one place!