Need to reach out for whatever reason? Contact Mario Party Legacy using the email below. I can’t guarantee a quick response as this website is more of a hobby than job, but I will try to get to it as soon as I can.

That said, I have no interest in entertaining spam. I’m not interested in any promotions. I don’t play around with guest posts or sponsored articles of any kind. And no advertisement opportunities either. I would advise not sending anything of the sort as I’ll just ignore and trash anyway. You’ve been warned!

If you notice a typo or an error on any of our pages, feel free to let me know! That said, you can also use the comments section of a given page to report something there. I check those too! But not every page allows comments.

Okay! Now for the email itself. You’re going to have to replace the “(at)” and “(dot)” with the appropriate symbols. If I have to explain what those should be changed to, we might have a bigger issue! The contact email:

sz (at) mariopartylegacy (dot) com

So there you have it. You can address me as Michael or SuperZambezi. Or SZ if you’re feeling adventurous.

Contacting me because you want to be an affiliate? Sure! I’d be happy to add your Nintendo or gaming focused website to our Links page. That said, I’m not too interested in promoting other websites in any other manner outside our dedicated affiliates page so please keep that in mind.

And here’s the little banner icon we give other sites should they choose to use it. Kind of an old fansite thing we were big on from back in the early aughts. Nostalgic, really!