So, I don't know how popular this is on here, but I'm just gonna leave this here. If you want to add me, just tell me who you are so I make sure I don't add random people. Dunno if it'll work!


It's actually not a terrible app. It's not bad, it's ok. I'm kinda hoping they implement something like writing a status without having to answer a question though, as I feel some questions are kinda dumb lol.
SuperZambezi said:
So are friends on my Nintendo Network automatically part of my Miitomo? Do I have to add everyone over again?
No. You have to add them only by face-to-face, Twitter, or Facebook. So yes, you have to add them again.

Not surprised that Miitomo has already reached 3 million downloads, one million from Japan. Great to see the first smartphone application from Nintendo take off. Nintendo aims to have 100 million, so 97 more to go.
SuperZambezi said:
I'm pretty surprised that I've checked Miitomo at least once every day. They've managed to get me to come back more than once, something I thought woulnd't happen. :p
Same here, though I check for like 5-10 minutes every few hours. Missions for Miitomo are pretty easy to do, with the exception of getting five comments for your answers and/or getting five hearts.

Also, Version update 1.1.1 is now available to download. Fixes some bugs.