Ask RafalRib!

BossBlitz said:
(Don't answer this if you haven't gotten to this point yet)

How do Papercraft battles work?(I don't get them at all :p)
Well as you may know, Papercraft battles are the equivalent to Dream Team's Giant Battles and BiS's Bowser Battles :p

-Each Papercraft Battle has a different Papercraft, they change because they have special features to defeat special enemies. (Ex: Papercraft Luigi's Hammer is needed to defeat Pokeys, that's why he's the playable one on a certain Papercraft Battle)
-You have an energy gauge, that decreases with each dash and jump you do. After your energy gauge is at the minimum, you go to some certain spots on the map and then play a rhythm based game to fill up your gauge.
-Dash is used to damage the other Papercrafts a little AND if used on the back of another papercraft, he falls of the base and then you can jump to it to destroy it. You don't need to get the Papercraft out of its base to damage it, you can simple jump on it when it's on it's base, but it won't damage it as much :p

TBH These battles are much more fun than the previous ones (Bowser and Luigi Giant Battles (Not saying i dont like those, i just prefer much more these ones!)
FreezeFlame Galaxy said:
Are you excited with Bayonetta being in Smash because you actually like her series or because she's the allot winner and it's your duty to be hyped about her?
I do find the Bayonetta series to be interesting, if i had a Wii U i'd certainly buy the games :p
I also need to be hyped about her cuz it's my duty LOL
(I do find her to be the perfect choice for a Ballot Winner, she's fun, sexy and unexpected)