Everything Announced for Mario Party Superstars From Today’s Direct

With just about a month before release, Nintendo announced a massive amount of new details for Mario Party Superstars during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation. The return of Yoshi’s Tropical Island and Horror Land as remastered boards along with the reveal of Daisy as a playable character is the start of this big news update.

We’ll use this page to update you with every new bit of information! If you’re looking for a full list of confirmed minigames, check out our Every Minigame in Mario Party Superstars So Far page.

You can watch the archived Nintendo Direct presentation below:

Below we’ll list all of the finer details that are easier to miss as all the colorful images flash past you in the new trailer.


  • Daisy confirmed to return as a playable character.
  • King Boo replaces Big Boo in Horror Land.


  • Yoshi’s Tropical Island returns from the original Mario Party.
    • The Toad/Bowser island swap mechanic remains, although Toadette replaces Toad.
    • Boo and the Thwomp tolls retain their positions.
    • A new item shop can be found on the right path of watermelon island.
    • That said, this board does not add any banks!
    • Although not seen in the image, there is a small spot near the start where Koopa will give a certain amount of coins to anyone who passes.
    • All Event Spaces that swap the star location retain their original positions. Four on the right island, three on the left.
    • Most Mini-Game Spaces and Mushroom Spaces are now replaced with Lucky Spaces.
    • There’s an extra Bowser Space on melon island just past the Thwomp toll junction.

  •  Horror Land returns from Mario Party 2.
    • Hooray for three item shops! The first item shop is moved one space to the right to avoid looping from the key door path. The second and third item shops are new. One can be found on the outer path of the gated area and the third is below the bank on the right.
    • Speaking of banks, the bank on the right keeps its position. The bank originally found at the starting loop is now just before the first key door. A third bank was added just after visiting Kamek’s mansion.
    • Some minor adjustments to Event Space placements. Instead of one, there are now two Event Spaces on the double Boo path in the gated area. The rest are moved just a space or two away.
    • Bowser Space in front of the first key door is removed, bringing the total of five down to a total of four.

  • Woody Woods, although already confirmed, got its first in-game look.
    • There are now three item shops. Two are in their original locations while a third replaces the Monty Mole passing event on the bottom left. The second Monty Mole passing event remains.
    • While the bank on the right is moved just a tad up, the bank on the left has been completely removed. Instead, two banks are slapped on both routes of the dark forest section.
    • All Event Spaces retain their original locations.
    • A lot more Item Spaces in the dark forest section, including having three in a row on the left side.
    • Monty Mole junction route is now indicated by the color of the junction arrows, not just the wooden sign.
    • Both key doors have their paths reversed. For example, the bottom right door is now accessed from the (much shorter) loop at the start instead of from the path after the first Monty Mole.
    • Bottom key door now hides the Chance Time Space instead of having it out on the regular path in the original. The top Chance Time Space was originally behind the top key door but is now at the end of the dark forest bottom path.


  • The remaining 32 minigames have been revealed. You can see them all here.
  • Item minigames are not counted as part of the 100 minigames.


  • Mt. Minigames is a minigame only mode where you fight against other players.
  • Tag Match is a minigame only mode where you work together with other players.


  • The warp pipe in the image above seems to match the pipe found on the hill at the center of Mushroom Village in MP1. This was the main menu for the original game.
  • Looks like the you’ll be falling through the warp pipe while setting up a board, just like in MP1. Koopa is your guide this time.
  • MP1 title screen music and the MP2 title screen music are getting remixed.
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