Every Minigame in Mario Party Superstars So Far

A collection of remastered classic Mario Party minigames and boards was just announced with Mario Party Superstars! A grand 100 minigames from past entries will be included in the Switch release and we’ve got a list of each minigame we’ve spotted so far. Exciting times!

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All 100 minigames have been discovered! The Japanese official website revealed the remaining 28 minigames and we now have all of them listed here. You can see a video of all 100 minigames here. If you enjoyed our speculation and miss the old page, feel free to take a look at what this page looked like just before updating it with all the new information.

Interestingly, item minigames do not count to the total! Now we have five returning item minigames making for a total of 105 returning minigames. For this list we’re sorting the minigames by game origin, then minigame type.

Here’s how the minigames are divided among the games:

  • Mario Party 1 – 12
  • Mario Party 2 – 19 (+2 item)
  • Mario Party 3 – 24 (+3 item)
  • Mario Party 4 – 8
  • Mario Party 5 – 10
  • Mario Party 6 – 12
  • Mario Party 7 – 6
  • Mario Party 8 – 2
  • Mario Party 9 – 4
  • Mario Party 10 – 3


Mario Party (1)

12 minigames return from the original Mario Party.


Mushroom Mix-Up Cast Aways
Hammer Drop Face Lift
Tipsy Tourney Shy Guy Says
Crazy Cutters Bombs Away

2 vs. 2

Bobsled Run Handcar Havoc

1 vs. 3

Piranha’s Pursuit Tug o’ War


Mario Party 2

21 minigames return from the second Mario Party. Two of these minigames are item minigames.


Sneak ‘n’ Snore Roll Call
Bowser’s Big Blast Slot Car Derby
Mecha Marathon Tread Carefully
Hot Rope Jump Bumper Balls
Honeycomb Havoc Bumper Balloon Cars
Dizzy Dancing  

2 vs. 2

Cake Factory Speed Hockey
Balloon Burst Sky Pilots

Dungeon Dash

1 vs. 3

Look Away Quicksand Cache


Hammer Slammer Roll Out the Barrels

Mario Party 3

27 minigames return from the third Mario Party. Three of these minigames are item minigames.


Rockin’ Raceway Storm Chasers
Parasol Plummet Messy Memory
Ice Rink Risk Chip Shot Challenge
Cheep Cheep Chase Bounce ‘n’ Trounce
Mush Pit Snowball Summit

2 vs. 2

Puddle Paddle Etch ‘n’ Catch
Picking Panic Eatsa Pizza

1 vs. 3

River Raiders Tidal Toss
Boulder Ball Spotlight Swim
Hide and Sneak Coconut Conk


Tick Tock Hop Vine With Me
Motor Rooter  


Bobbing Bow-loons Swinging with Sharks
Winner’s Wheel

Sports & Puzzles

Mario’s Puzzle Party


Mario Party 4

8 minigames return from the fourth Mario Party.


Paths of Peril Trace Race


2 vs. 2

Dungeon Duos Reverse-a-Bomb


1 vs. 3

Money Belts


Sports & Puzzles

Beach Volley Folly


Mario Party 5

10 minigames return from the fifth Mario Party.


Coney Island Night Light Fright
Bill Blasters Later Skater

Dinger Derby Pushy Penguins

Leaf Leap  

1 vs. 3

Squared Away Tube It or Lose It

Sports & Puzzles

Ice Hockey


Mario Party 6

12 minigames return from the sixth main Mario Party.


Dark ‘n Crispy Trap Ease Artist
X-Ray Payday Pit Boss

What Goes Up… Catch You Letter

Snow Whirled

2 vs. 2

Burnstile Rocky Road



Mass Meteor   

Sports & Puzzles

Block Star


Mario Party 7

Six minigames return from the seventh main Mario Party.


The Final Countdown Monty’s Revenge
Pokey Pummel  

1 vs. 3



Spin Doctor

Sports & Puzzles

Stick and Spin


Mario Party 8

Two minigames return from the eighth main Mario Party.

2 vs. 2

Winner or Dinner Paint Misbehavin’

Mario Party 9

Four minigames return from the ninth main Mario Party.


Goomba Spotting Manor of Escape

1 vs. 3


Tackle Takedown

Sports & Puzzles

Shell Soccer


Mario Party 10

Three minigames return from the tenth main Mario Party.


Flash Forward Rapid River Race

1 vs. 3

Skewer Scurry


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October 18, 2021 9:41 PM

Mario Party 6 has SOOO MANY good minigames and they turn away Ray of Fright, Strawberry Shortfuse , Insectiride and Control Shtick for Cashapult??


a person
October 22, 2021 9:53 AM
Reply to  Trey

isn’t strawberry shortfuse a luck minigame

October 24, 2021 5:30 AM
Reply to  a person

Strawberry Shortfuse is actually a memory minigame. You need to remember all the Ukikis with cake and keep an eye on them when they shuffle.

October 25, 2021 4:11 PM
Reply to  Trey

But Ray of Fright sucked.

October 23, 2021 11:47 PM

New item minigames:
Roll out the barrels (MP2)
Swinging with sharks (MP3)
Winner’s wheel (MP3)

Last edited 2 months ago by Nibbles
Giovani Rodriguez
Giovani Rodriguez
October 24, 2021 10:10 AM

I guess ill repeat but “Tread Carefully” is “Shell Shocked” and “Money Belt” from Mario Party 6 became “X-Ray Payday”

December 7, 2021 10:16 PM

I miss grab bag 🙁