Every Minigame in Mario Party Superstars So Far

A collection of remastered classic Mario Party minigames and boards was just announced with Mario Party Superstars! A total of 100 minigames from past entries will be included in the Switch release and we’ve got a list of each minigame we’ve spotted so far. Exciting times!

It’s not clear how these minigames will be sorted in the actual game but for our list we’ll start by sorting by game origin, then minigame type. If we missed any minigames or you’d like to speculate which minigames will fill the remaining slots, let us know in the comments!

As a quick recap, a total of 62 minigames have been discovered so far. Here’s how they’re divided among the games:

  • Mario Party 1 – 9
  • Mario Party 2 – 14
  • Mario Party 3 – 18
  • Mario Party 4 – 4
  • Mario Party 5 – 5
  • Mario Party 6 – 4
  • Mario Party 7 – 3
  • Mario Party 8 – 0
  • Mario Party 9 – 2
  • Mario Party 10 – 2
  • Unknown – 1

Latest updates:

(7/06) Bumper Balls variation added, seen in Switch OLED Model reveal trailer.
 Japanese images reveal Ice Hokey (MP5), Mass Meteor (MP6), and Pogo-a-Go-Go (MP7). Thanks wiiman34!
(6/15) Added Cake Factory (MP2) and Catch You Letter (MP6), icons appear in background of pause menu.


Mario Party (1)

So far 9 minigames return from the original Mario Party.


Mushroom Mix-Up Face Lift
Shy Guy Says Tipsy Tourney
Hammer Drop Crazy Cutters

2 vs. 2

Handcar Havoc Bobsled Run

1 vs. 3

Tug o’ War


Mario Party 2

So far 13 minigames return from the second Mario Party.


Sneak ‘n’ Snore Bowser’s Big Blast
Honeycomb Havoc Bumper Balloon Cars

Roll Call Bumper Balls
Mecha Marathon Slot-Car Derby

2 vs. 2

Sky Pilots Dungeon Dash
Balloon Burst Cake Factory

1 vs. 3

Look Away Archer-ival

Mario Party 3

So far 18 minigames return from the third Mario Party.


Snowball Summit Mario’s Puzzle Party
Parasol Plummet Storm Chasers
Messy Memory Mush Pit
Rockin’ Raceway Cheep Cheep Chase

2 vs. 2

Etch ‘n’ Catch Puddle Paddle
Eatsa Pizza

1 vs. 3

Boulder Ball Coconut Conk
River Raiders Tidal Toss


Tick Tock Hop Vine With Me


Bobbing Bow-loons


Mario Party 4

So far 4 minigames return from the fourth Mario Party.


Booksquirm Trace Race

2 vs. 2

Beach Volley Folley Reverse-a-Bomb


Mario Party 5

So far 4 minigames return from the fifth Mario Party.


Pushy Penguins Coney Island
Leaf Leap

2 vs. 2

Ice Hockey

1 vs. 3

Squared Away


Mario Party 6

So far 2 minigames return from the sixth main Mario Party.


What Goes Up… Catch You Letter

2 vs. 2

Rocky Road


Mass Meteor


Mario Party 7

So far 2 minigames return from the seventh main Mario Party.


The Final Countdown Pokey Pummel

1 vs. 3


Mario Party 9

So far 2 minigames return from the ninth main Mario Party.


Goomba Spotting

2 vs. 2

Shell Soccer


Mario Party 10

So far 2 minigames return from the tenth main Mario Party.


Rapid River Race

1 vs. 3

Skewer Scurry



During the Treehouse live demo, the minigame roulette showed a minigame called Tread Carefully. A minigame with the same name does not yet exist in the series and it’s likely an older minigame was renamed, similar to Toadstool Titan changing to Mush Pit in The Top 100.

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June 17, 2021 2:09 PM

Slot car derby is likely the Mario Party 1 version, because its lumped in with the 4 player game wheel like Shy Guy Says.

June 22, 2021 8:03 AM

Here’s hoping for Cardiators, Granite Getaway, Dungeon Duos, Fowl Play, Dust ‘Til Dawn, Dunk Bros, Hotel Goomba, Magnet Carta, Hide n go BOOM, Hop or Pop, Daft Rafts, Mowtown, Light Up My Life, Boo’d Off The Stage, Avalanche!, Wrastlin’ Rapids, Control Schtick, Strawberry Shortfuse, Clean Team, Paths of Peril, Butterfly Blitz, Chain Chomp and Fever, Cliffhangers, King of the Thrill, Mr. Blizzard’s Brigade

July 6, 2021 2:55 PM

Bumper Balls is now confirmed to have the bumpy grass variant too

bumper balls.png
July 8, 2021 8:13 AM
Reply to  Masterstarman

Yaaaay is with variants instead of only 1 version

July 8, 2021 8:12 AM

I think Tread Carefully is Sneak N Snore since it’s the only N64 confirmed 4 player free for all minigame about being careful and move slowly

July 9, 2021 12:14 PM

It seems like 2/3 of the 100 will be from the N64 trilogy, which makes sense since all the boards will be from there as well. I hope we get DLC so we can get more from the later games because there are quite a few gems.

Last edited 22 days ago by RuffyYoshi
July 12, 2021 6:36 AM

Why are Mecha Marathon and Slot-Car Derby listed as 2v2?

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