Super Mario Land Log #2- Now, it’s a Resort

Princess Daisy is in trouble and it’s up to Mario to rescue her! Wait…Daisy?! But where are the Toads? And Luigi? Slovenly choice of debut log aside, I must do what is right and put a stop to the evil space captain Tatanga and save the land of Sarasaland!

Previous Logs: Birabuto (World 1)

One UFO ride after making a Fighter Fly cry home to its mommy later, I arrive in the land of Muda, a tropical beach world.


In this sub-kingdom, there are hills, Dry Fish, and sea horses that shoot fire that decided to join the fray. A rather interesting quirk about these new enemies around here is that they can be defeated only by jumping on them. I can’t recall too many other Mario enemies that have such an odd defense. Projectiles won’t help you here, however, one place they can be really useful is the Coin Puzzles scattered throughout Sarasaland.

You see, Coin Puzzles are small, one-screen chambers accessible via Warp Pipe filled with any number of Coins, of which there are several variations upon. The catch is sometimes, you have to get the Coins in a particular order, or you won’t be able to get them all. Think a slightly smaller version of my claustrophobic encounter in the Desert Temple, or you know, you can just cheat the system with the super bouncy fireballs. And can I just say that it’s so much fun to snipe enemies with these things?

The many uses of “Sarasaland’s Fire Flower.”

2-3 takes the action straight into the ocean-in a sub! How the tides (Heh heh, water puns) have turned here; MAY ALL ENEMIES BOW AT THE MERCY OF MY TECHNOLOGICAL [Jibanyan voice] PROWESS OF FURY!!! PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW…except when they’re behind me. I’m totally helpless in that department. The boss was a giant sea horse capable of shooting different sizes of fireballs, but I beat it too. Also, I hope nobody died when my/our? UFO crashed into the sea; I would be so guilty.

I'm beginning to notice a pattern of HAL trademarks. If only this blasted screen was bigger!
I’m beginning to notice a pattern of HAL trademarks. If only this blasted screen was bigger!

Oh! And before I go, there are some robots in World 2 who I bet just can’t wait for the new Kirby game! Now if you excuse me, I have another creature disguised as Daisy to exact my fury upon.

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