Super Mario Land Log #1- Super Monochrome GB

Princess Daisy is in trouble and it’s up to Mario to rescue her! Wait…Daisy?! But where are the Toads? And Luigi? Hasty, slovenly choice of first game aside, I must do what is right and put a stop to the evil space captain Tatanga and save the land of Sarasaland!

Here we go!
Hey, where are the beaches, cruise liners, and sheep? This isn’t what Daisy’s places look like in Mario Kart!…Sheep? 🙁


Playing the first world of Super Mario Land can take a little getting used to. Koopas explode and Fireballs don’t bounce but instead roll across the ground. Am I even shooting fire at all? That, and the end-level bonus games are good mechanics to play around with, yet they feel more at home in a Kirby game than Super Mario, for starters. And no matter how timelessly awesome the “Can-can” is, the lack of color makes Invincible Mario a bit of an eyesore to look at, especially since he’s more than likely to be moving, though never as intensive as the original Thunderbolt from Pokémon Red and Green.


Don't we usually see the pyramids in World 2-not Level 2?
Don’t we usually see the pyramids in World 2-not Level 2?


The music is also pretty catchy, just as it should be. Super Mario Land changes just enough to feel like a sister to the classic NES games, but on the go, which must’ve been mind-blowing for the time. It isn’t until 1-3 that I enter the deep, dark underground. I’ve got to say, there’s quite a lot to be impressed by here. There are tunnels to Coins exclusive to Small Mario (not!) and a Sphinx-inspired boss, but I beat it just like I would mean ol’ Bowser, except with a button-in only three levels. Still, I was unable to rescue Daisy and got tricked by a Fighter Fly.

The manual tells me there’s three more areas within the Sarasaland awaiting Mario’s help: Muda, Easton, and Chai, so I guess that’s where we’ll meet next time.

I've got more dexterity here than I'll need to face 12 Tatatangas, so you might as well surrender..Ow.
I’ve got more dexterity here than I’ll need to face 12 Tatatangas, so you might as well surrender (This is so uncomfortable, but so worth it 😉 ).

Enjoying our latest log? Why don’t you play along with us and share your progress and thoughts in the comments below! If you’ve already played, don’t be afraid to share as well!

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