Welcoming Our New Mario Party Legacy Staff!

We got plenty of great submissions for our recent look for new staff members at Mario Party Legacy and now it’s finally time to announce who made the cut! With that said, here is the new staff:

  • SuperZambezi – Administrator/Founder
  • Christopher Warmuth – Managing Editor
  • 8B1T – Contributor
  • SpiderStaryu – Podcast Specialist
  • Yoshiman222 – Community Night Coordinator
  • AbsolPowers – Nintendo Reporter
  • Mister Sushi – Features Editor
  • ImpaDude – Features Editor
  • Bossblitz – Community Editor
  • Luigidenne – Log Writer

I can’t thank all those who applied for these staff positions enough! It means a lot to me that you guys care enough about Mario Party Legacy that you would want to give your time to help us grow and to give all our awesome readers content. Expect to see our new members of the staff in action very soon!

One thing to note! We still have the position for the extra Community Night Coordinator open! This one doesn’t require as much as the other positions, so if you feel like you can step up to the task, shoot me an email!

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