Road to Smash DLC Speculation – Day 1: Captain Toad

Welcome to our Road to Smash DLC article series! Each day we’ll take a look at a character, location, or item from the Super Mario series that we would love to see make it into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS through the upcoming release of DLC. These aren’t necessarily predictions, just fun looks at further ways the Super Mario series can make it into Smash!

Toad has been a highly requested character for the Super Smash Bros. series for as long as the franchise has been around. The lovable Toad has been a part of the Super Mario series since its beginning and has continued to appear in the main entries, along with playable appearances in spin-off titles. In the Smash series itself, Toad has appeared as Peach’s neutral special, prompting many to rule out his possibility of joining the fray. With nearly a dozen Mario characters already playable in the series, could it finally be time for Toad to shine?

In 2014, Nintendo released a stand-alone Captain Toad game based on the character first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy. This particular Toad donned a headlamp and eventually an explorer’s outfit, fitting for his eventual grand adventure in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker! More importantly, this version of Toad gave the character a set of unique attributes that could apply very well to a moveset in the Smash series. Not only that, but the game furthered Toad’s cowardly and frightened personality. Sakurai himself has said that personality and a unique set of moves is something that is greatly considered when picking a character, and Captain Toad certainly fits the bill!

So what would a moveset for Captain Toad look like? Berserker over on Smashboards gave a great rundown on what a possible moveset for our fungal friend would look like:

  • Neutral B – Mine
  • Forward B – Throw Diamond
  • Hold Forward B – Empty Backpack
  • Down B – Wall Pop-up
  • Up B – Windmill Platform
  • Standard A – Turnip Throw
  • Dash A – Mine Cart
  • Forward A – Bag Smack
  • Upward A – Headlamp Intensify
  • Down A – Coin Pluck
  • Forward Smash – Bag Whip
  • Up Smash – Bag Throw
  • Down Smash – Power Star Spin
  • Neutral Air – Turnip Throw
  • Forward Air – Backpack Spike
  • Back Air – Pickax Swing
  • Up Air – Whip Up
  • Down Air – Meteor Toad
  • Grab – Power Star Grapple

[expand title=”(Click to Expand) Full Moveset with Details for Captain Toad” tag=”h3″]

by Berserker over on Smashboards

Diamond collecting mechanics:

> Each diamond adds 3% damage to any attack that involves using the backpack
> It also increases your attack speed and dodge speed by a certain amount of 15%
> Maximum limit for containing diamonds is at 3
> While having at least one diamond, you walk as fast as Brawl Peach and dash as fast as Brawl Kirby
> While having no diamonds, you walk as fast as Brawl ZSS and dash as fast as Brawl Sheik
> Whether or not he has diamonds, his air mobility is still great. His falling speed by default is heavy
> Each diamond also weighs his falling speed down
> Each diamond also adds to the move’s base knockback
> Can only be gained through mining while GROUNDED


Neutral B: Mine
> Adds 1 diamond to Toad’s backpack
> While grounded, it does NOT damage
> Animation lingers as long as Ike’s eruption
> In air, it deals 10% damage. Potent meteor smash

Forward B: Throw away
> Throws one diamond away which deals 18% damage
> Arc can be manipulated (Diagonal up/down or straight)
> Can do moderate shield damage
> Fast start-up

Hold Forward B: Empty
> Holding down forward B will make C.Toad empty his backpack. The disposed items act as projectiles
> Can do moderate shield damage
> Arc can be manipulated (Diagonal up/down or straight)
> All the diamonds still deal the same damage
> Somewhat slow start-up

Downward B: Wall pop-up
> Acts as a barrier
> Absorbs 25% damage
> As tall as Mario
> Can only summon 1 at a time

Upward B: Windmill platform (The ones where in you blow on the mic for it to move in SM3D World)
> High vertical, mediocre horizontal
> Deals 8% damage in 4 hits


(A) Turnip throw
– Throws a turnip which deals 8% damage
– Fairly spammable
– This is also Toad’s attack when pressing A while in air
– The turnips are a bit floaty so it can last longer on stage

(Dash A) Mine cart
– Akin to Wario’s bike except it’s uncontrollable and you can only go at one direction
– Deals 9% damage
– Can absorb 15% damage. If the cart blows up (losing all its “health”), Toad receives 10% damage
– While dashing, you can press A to throw turnips which deals 8% damage each

(Forward A) Bag smack
– Smacks the target with your bag dealing a base damage of 11%.
– Has long range and high priority. Quick attack.
– Negligible knockback. It’s only meant for for starting combos
– Diamond feint: Frontward direction hit

(Upward A) Headlamp intensify
– Aims headlamp upwards. Somewhat slow start up. Quick ending lag
– Deals no damage but it automatically stuns the target for 2 seconds
– Affects both grounded and air borne foes

(Down A) Coin pluck
– Plucks a leaf which releases a bunch coins from the ground
– Deals 9% damage in 3 hits. Quick attack. Can be reflected
– Was made to pop enemies up into the air.
– High hitsun
– Despite the sound of how the move functions, it’s not really that much of a good anti-air. The coins occupy as much area as… let’s say Toad’s model and it pops up right in front of him

(F-smash) Bag whip
– Whips the target with your bag dealing 15-23% damage. Long ranged attack. Slow start up
– High knockback
– Diamond feint: Frontward direction hit
– If you have at least one diamond in your bag, it can reflect projectiles
– If you have at least two diamonds in your bag, it deals high shield damage
– If you have at least three diamonds in your bag, it has some super armor

(U-smash) Chuck up
– Throws bag upward dealing 13-21% damage. Bag has no priority. Medium start up
– High knockback
– Diamond feint: Upward direction hit
– If you have at least one diamond in your bag, it can reflect projectiles
– If you have at least two diamonds in your bag, it deals high shield damage
– If you have at least three diamonds in your bag, it has some super armor

(D-smash) Power star spin
– Ties a green star on a rope and spins around dealing 12-20% damage. Medium priority. Quick start up
– Above average knockback
– Reflects projectiles

(N-air) Turnip throw
– Throws a turnip which deals 8% damage
– Fairly spammable
– This is also Toad’s attack when pressing A while in air
– The turnips are a bit floaty so it can last longer on stage

(F-air) Pack spike
– Spikes the target with the backpack dealing a base damage of 11%
– Meteor smash. Relatively quick start up
– If you have at least one diamond in your bag, it can reflect projectiles
– If you have at least two diamonds in your bag, it deals high shield damage
– If you have at least three diamonds in your bag, it has some super armor

(B-air) Backward swing
– Swings pick axe backwards dealing 12% damage
– Very quick attack overall
– Mainly used as a combo stringer
– Hitting the opponent with the base of your pick axe will knock them away
– Hitting them with only the tip or “axe” part of the pickaxe has non-existent knockback but very high hitsun

(U-air) Whip up
– Similar to Marth/Lucina’s except with a whip w/ a green star
– Deals 10% damage. Very long range. Juggle with it
– Minimal landing lag
– Covers a HUGE arc. Can also reflect projectiles

(D-air) Meteor Toad
– Dives downward dealing 14% damage. Relatively quick start up
– Meteor smash
– Similar to Sonic’s dive kick or something like that

(Grab/Tether) Power star grapple
– Deals the same damage and functions similarly to Link’s hookshot


What about Captain Toad’s alternate costumes? Toadette was a major player in Treasure Trackers, and it would only make sense that the other half of Captain Toad’s alternate colors get the Olimar and Alph treatment. The first half based on Captain Toad can take on the colors of the Toad Brigade (namely blue, green, and yellow), while Toadette could take on colors based on Mushroom power-ups (yellow and red for Mega Mushroom, outer green and white spots for 1-Up Mushroom, and purple and pink for Poison Mushroom).

Toad is one of the most logical and most wanted characters in the Super Smash Bros. series. With the introduction of Captain Toad and his starring role in Captain Toad: Treasure Trackers, it’s seems like it’s only a matter of time before this adorable little mushroom joins the roster. But what do you think? Does the character have enough to be a full fledged Smash Bros. fighter? Do you have your own moveset in mind? What about his Final Smash? Taunts? Share all your thoughts in the comments below!

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Spiny Bro
Spiny Bro
December 2, 2015 12:52 PM

I have actually found an image of a guy putting both toad and toadette in the smash website, he is a cool guy, maybe I should post it here later.

Person McPerson
Person McPerson
December 2, 2015 3:32 PM

Final smash should be Toad Stampede. A ton of Toads come and stampede everyone.

December 2, 2015 3:41 PM

Or Draggadon from Treasure Tracker. Appears on the side of the stage, Toad rides of his back. You can adjust his height, and shoot fire. Or, it could be Turnip Fury: Throws Turnips depending on where the player aims.

December 2, 2015 5:13 PM

Captain Toad idk
I think Fawful has a higher chance and hes dead

December 2, 2015 7:02 PM

That would actually be a really cool DLC character, totally down for the Captain.

December 2, 2015 7:42 PM

Despite being yet another Mario character, I feel like Captain Toad would make up for that with his uniqueness. Plus, It’s not like he can’t appear in the same match with Toad (Peach’s B)
I really hope Sakurai considers him!

Spike "R" Jagger
Spike "R" Jagger
December 3, 2015 3:56 AM

I wanna see Daisy, with her moveset being based on her spin-off appearances and a bit of the Mario Land games:
(B)- Super Sphere (Superball- SML)
(Up+B)- Bunny Hover (Carrot- SML2)
(Side+B)- Double Dasher (Bloom Coach- MK:DD)
(Down+B)- Party Mallot (Mario Party)
(Final Smash)- Mega Strike (Mario Strikers Charged)

December 3, 2015 5:57 AM


December 3, 2015 8:48 AM

I love the idea of Captain Toad(Toadette alt) because it’s the best way to get Toad AND Toadette in Smash Bros. as I think Sakurai thinks of Toad as just a generic character better served as a Princess Peach moveset cameo than his own fighter. But Captain Toad? Who has his own adventurous explorer themed game with mine carts and pickaxes? Seems like a really good choice for the next Mario related character they add.(Aside from maybe you know, more Wario and DK characters!) However I don’t anticipate Captain Toad happening until the next Smash Bros. game if he(and Toadette!)… Read more »

December 3, 2015 4:05 PM

I like the idea of Captain Toad! I think he would be a cool character! C=