Mercedes-Benz DLC + Mario Kart 8 Update Available Now!

Nintendo has just finished their Mario Kart 8 maintenance in the past hour and the new Mercedes-Benz DLC and update are now available to download! The Mercedes-Benz DLC allows you to drive in three different Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Mario Kart 8! For the miscellaneous content that the update will offer, see here. Enjoy racing in your new German cars!

Be sure to check out the commercial for the car itself as well!


Nintendo has also announced more DLC just last night, as you can view it here, which contains more characters and courses from The Legend of Zelda (November 2014) and Animal Crossing: New Leaf (May 2015). Buying both packs now will grant you access to eight different colored Yoshis and eight different colored Shy Guys right away! The whole bundle runs you only $11.99, as both packs separately runs you $15.98, with $7.99 each. Save yourself $3.99 by buying the bundle! Have fun racing in a rainbow assortment of Yoshi players and Shy Guy players!

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