Photos With Mario AR Cards Now On Sale

Ten days ago, Photos with Mario was released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in the United States. While it wasn’t much use during the last ten days, despite the application being free to download, you can now make use of the application. The AR cards that has Mario, Princess Peach, and Goomba, of which all cost $10 each, are now on sale from Target. While you may print out the cards for free of charge, if you purchase the AR cards for $10 each, you’re also getting $10 each in eShop credit, for use on your 3DS or Wii U. If you’re going for a digital copy of Mario Kart 8 and you are just short of eShop credit, now would be the time to go to Target and buy the AR cards for you to take photos with Mario and its friends.

The site for Photos with Mario is also open!

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