Mario Party Legacy is Back!

After hours upon hours of knee deep coding and pulsating headaches, Mario Party Legacy is back and ready to, well, party! The cause of the downtime was the server move Mario Party Legacy as well as Generic Grasslands were experiencing. The Forum is still being restored and should be back to normal soon. We didn’t anticipate any downtime, at least not for an entire day. We apologize for any inconvenience anyone might have experienced, and we hope you stick around for more Mario Party 9 news as it breaks!

Now onto why we were switching servers. With our fourth anniversary right behind us and continuous growth throughout the years, Mario Party Legacy has been expanding at a fantastic rate, but has also become quite demanding in regards to resources. It came down to a single option in which we didn’t have much of a choice in making. We had to change hosts, meaning we had to move away from Joey’s free hosting that has powered this website since its creation. We really can’t thank Joey enough for all that he has done. If you have the chance, please leave a comment for Joey, this entire site would not exist without his help. Thank you Joey!

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