4 Years of Mario Party Legacy!

Another year has come and gone and Mario Party Legacy made it through a fourth year on the net! We had so many things happen this past year, from the various Forum shenanigans to the announcement of the long awaited Mario Party 9. Much has happened since our last anniversary and today will be used to reminisce and reflect on everything that has happened.

As we look at the past and plan for the future, I have to stop and give a huge thanks to everyone who helped make Mario Party Legacy the site it is. Thanks to all the staff of the website and Forum who work vigilantly to do the best for the site. Another huge thanks to Forum members that keep the activity going, especially in the tough times, as well as the visitors that check the site and appreciate the work that is put into it. And of course, a huge thanks to Joey who is still, after four years, generously hosting Mario Party Legacy completely for free. Thanks to everyone for everything and here’s to another year!

Keep checking back for more updates throughout the day!