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Nintendo Announces the GameCube Controller Adapter

In addition to announcing the players and rules for the Super Smash Bros. Invitational during E3, Nintendo has announced that a GameCube adapter for the Wii U will be released for the game this winter. The adapter has slots for up to four GameCube controllers, and the adapter itself is plugged into the Wii U through USB. No word on whether or not the WaveBird controller will also work through the adapter. The adapter will be used during the tournament this June.

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  • gmanextreme9

    This is just awesome. Buying it when it releases.

  • completely… silly…. people should just stop using the GC controller….. I guess though, the GC controller will be considered the “holy” controller by to many…. I could care less for this.

    • Psych

      Some people are just more used to the GC controller. Nobody needs to “stop using it”. It’s anything BUT silly.

      • I never said people neec to stop using it… I said I want people to stop. And I think I’m entilted to my opinion on it being silly or not.

  • E.Gadd

    Yay! Perfect for Smash Bros. and I imagine any VC Gamecube games they might announce.

  • RLWilliams3D

    Now Nintendo just have to bring SSBM onto Virtual Console and I’ll be able to experience that gem of a fighter game with a fancy Gamecube controller.

  • SmashBrosChamp

    Does this mean GameCube games can come to Eshop I hope so

    • Boo3DGoldBoo

      Probably in the future, but it’s very likely (maybe not soon but likely)

  • Boo3DGoldBoo

    Hey guys, off topic but quick, do you remember the Pokémon Esmerald for GBA, that’s not 100% confirmed by Nintendo, but it’s very likely it will have too for 3ds, you’ll find more about this there: ;

    • MagiKooper

      Eh…only difference with Emerald is that you can catch BOTH Ground and Kyogre instead of one…..and Numel Rock which allows you to get Lugia and HoHo……and that space event with Dexoys….Hmmmmm.

  • Braystar


    • Mr. Sushi

      I don’t think so, unless there is an update for Mario Kart 8 when the adapter comes out.

      • Braystar

        Update? Really? Dang, I hope it comes out soon

  • Jesperman

    Super Smash Bros. fort Wii U might use these controllers.
    Hope they do.

    • tsvlink25

      That’s the whole reason this was made…did you see the trailer/announcement, or read the article? lol. They showed it off as the way to play Smash Bros for Wii U. 😛

      • Boo3DGoldBoo

        Also the controller has the Smash Bros. emblem/symbol

    • Nookling

      Well you are out of it

  • Mr. Sushi

    Hopefully this means Gamecube titles on the eShop!

    • Peach and mario <3

      please nintendo! i really want to play melee!

      • Mr. Sushi

        Yeah, and Double Dash!! It’s the only Mario Kart game I haven’t played yet, so this would be a great chance!

        • DaisyYoshi4LIFE!

          yeah and i play my gamecube games on my wii so maybe they will release an update so i can play gamecube hardware on my wii u and sell my wii

        • DaisyYoshi4LIFE!

          mk dd is the best. mario party 7 was a ton of fun. the gamecube in general was a non attention payed but amazing console

  • Person McPerson

    YES THANK U NINTENDO. Whenever there’s a Wii game that allows u to use the gamecube controller, I always use the GameCube controller.

  • MagiKooper

    I wish they would do something like this for the 3DS…..but I guess the Circle Pad Pro XL will be good enough…

  • Sea Slug and Wagashi

    I don’t get what’s so damn special about Gamecube remotes. This whole thing about these controllers being the only appropriate ones for Smash is just a rip-off. I’m not trying to insult people, I’m just saying that between getting used to a controller with a different shape and paying like 500 gazillion more bucks, there is one option that is clearly the smarter one. If you’re a human being, you can’t just expect to have a life as comfy as you want, decisions must be taken and sacrifices must be made. We aren’t divinities. If you can’t even stand the supposed discomfort of Wii remotes, you better get ready for a load of sticky situations with those huge bills.
    As for Gamecube VC, remember that the Gamepad has all the buttons GC remote has (although multiplayer could become a problem…)

    • Name

      I hate comments like this. “Oh, you want a certain thing over another in a /game/? Well, the real world doesn’t work like that, so that shouldn’t happen”. Just because we don’t always get what we want in real life (which gaming is part of, by the way), doesn’t mean game companies can’t appeal certain wants to please their audience. If gaming went by that logic, we wouldn’t be getting games we like, they wouldn’t be trying to appeal to the audience. They would make crappy, tedious, boring, hard games that rewards you with something that will just be taken away again, forcing you to continue to play the game in a never ending cycle.

      People take things like this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion and context when they start comparing appealing to audiences in games to the difficulty of real life. It’s honestly absurd. Many prefer the GC controller over the Wii Remote and Gamepad. If Nintendo wants to make this large portion of their consumer base happy by letting them use that controller, I don’t see the problem. It doesn’t relate to bills in any way. It’s not like people using this controller instead of others are suddenly going to fail at life because they can’t “adapt to changes” or something. They are just using a different controller.

      • Sea Slug and Wagashi

        I’m just saying it’s onerous (with a few exaggerations for emphasis) because the Gamepad isn’t that different and it’s going to be pricey. I’m not trying to envision everything in this crazy saddening “you never get what you want” way, I’m just saying it’s, like, the same thing as the Gamepad! So I think, well thought, that this whole GC controller craze was purely based upon aesthetics and nostalgia which means that people are REALLY picky and need a reality check, but if you say that it’s actually different, I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it. I’m not really super competitive with Smash, but I pretty much thought that same buttons = same thing. I guess I’ll edit my previous comment.

        • Name

          It’s a lot different. Having the same buttons on the same side doesn’t make them play the same when the entire shape and size is different. And so what if people prefer the Gamecube controller? That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t create a way for them to work with the Wii U just because the button layout is almost the same on the Gamepad. Also, I highly doubt that they wouldn’t allow Gamecube controllers from the Gamecube to work with this. It would be stupid to force you to buy a new version of a controller you already have just to play it on a different system.

    • GameGuy5

      Let’s start with: “GameCube remotes” … Really?

      You’re making a mountain out of a molehill, here. Lots of people just prefer to play Smash Bros. with a GameCube controller. It’s great that Nintendo found a solution to not having one control method removed from the home console edition of the game. And also, I find this as a good way for Nintendo themselves to make some quick money, as they are trapped deep with financial issues.

      • Sea Slug and Wagashi

        Remote and controller are synonyms.
        But I don’t just get why they prefer the GC controller. I thought it was just based on aesthetics and nostalgia, but apparently not, so now I’m confused.
        (Also, I get the feeling you’re not seeing the edited version of my original comment, so please refresh the page if necessary.)

        Nintendo is SO not in hot water in terms of money. They’ve got tons. 😛

        • GameGuy5

          Okay, but who says, “GameCube remote”? :p

          People can prefer the GC controller if they wish (I actually preferred using it myself other than the other control methods). A lot of people just feel it is a better controller for Smash Bros. Its just their opinion! All I’m saying is that you were freaking out for no reason (and I did see your first response, but still needed to respond to that one, especially 😛 )

          And I guess you’re right about Nintendo and money. I just found out they still have around 10 billion dollars left in their bank.

          • Sea Slug and Wagashi

            Me and most people know. In fact, I wouldn’t even use “controller” if it weren’t for the sake of being varied.
            I don’t like the idea of buying new things when the difference from the current version is minimal (although now I’m not really sure how big the difference is anymore,) but I suppose I can’t really stop anyone.

    • Braystar

      look, the wiimote SUCKS when in smash. Other that the pro controllers (the Wii U ones) that’s the only thing. I actuallyn have 2 GC controllers, which I use for MKW and SSBB. So STOP. MAKING. NINTENDO. LOOK. LIKE. FOOLS. THEY KNOW THAT ALOT OF PEOPLE LIKE THIS CONTROLLER! Y R U HERE ANYWAY?! U COMPLAIN ABOUT ALOT OF STUFF NINTENDON DO!

      • Sea Slug and Wagashi

        If I make them look like fools then that means I’m right and they’re wrong. (I know it’s just a vocab. mistake, just found it funny. :P)
        I’m here because I like Nintendo and Mario. It’s not like I have to agree to every single move they do.

        • Braystar


  • Huesitos

    So beautiful (its my opinion)

  • GameGuy5

    I for one, am relieved that GC controllers are returning for Smash Bros., as it was my go-to control method. Hopefully, these aren’t just for Smash and we some GC games on Virtual Console. I personally can’t really imagine these ONLY being for Smash Bros. :p

  • Nookling

    I’ll stick with what I already have. It’s not worth the cash for me since I’m equally as good on any of the controllers. Besides I’ve moved on from GameCube *cough* 8 years ago *cough*

  • BlooperLover


  • King of Red Gorillas

    Anyone think its gonna be a alternate classic controller?

  • KinopioToad

    Definitely for smash, like others have said. I mean, come on! How much more obvious can you get? There’s a SMASH EMBLEM on it!

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