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RUMOR: Yoshi’s Island for Wii U in Development

In what appears to be a Wii U owner accidentally being granted access to the Wii U debug menu, a few surprises may have been leaked for upcoming titles coming to the Wii U. The user was able to post a few images, and one image in particular brought plenty of excitement for the future of the just released console. In what is said to be a sub-forum in the debug menu, the following titles were listed:

  • Super Mario Wii U
  • Yoshi’s Land Wii U
  • Donkey Kong

While nothing is official, it does bring up the fact that Nintendo is thinking about bringing over these games and series onto the Wii U.  Let’s hope this is the real deal and that the next Yoshi’s Island is only a short ways away! In the meantime, check out our Yoshi’s Island U mock up we did a few months back. Other games such as Metroid, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil were also mentioned.


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  • Arceus98

    I want i want i want!!!! I hope every different yoshi can do different things, and that you can choose them in the beginning of each stage! I loved the first yoshi game, and i really want to see the fourth ( i havent played yoshis story and im really not interreted in yoshis island ds)

  • Kyler


  • Dry Bowser rules!

    No Yoshi games have been released in 6 years! It’s time for a new one!

  • Luma Party

    I saw this on the forum.
    I think Paul Gale’s prediction of a 3D platformer was true.

  • DryBowser1000

    Yes please!

  • Nikaan Koupaei

    fabric in HD!!!! Fill ‘er up!

  • Nikaan Koupaei

    donkey kong in HD is going to be better than better! Even the wii one looked like it was an x box 360 or ps3 game!!!

  • Nikaan Koupaei

    SUPER MARIO GALAXY 3!! da da da da-da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Luma Party

      There is enough galaxies how ’bout Sunshine 2?

  • gameguy1996

    The 3D Mario Game is likely going to be shown at E3.

  • lumaco101

    You said, “In the meantime, ‘cheek’ out our Yoshi’s Island U mock up we did a few months back.” Can you fix that?

    • SuperZambezi

      Thanks for the catch!

  • Guest

    :O Did anybody see Flipnote Studio on the list? I think we’re getting a Flipnote Studio sequel for the Wii U!