Gallery of Wii U Mario Box Art Mockups

The Wii U is set to release sometime this year, and just as it always goes, speculation on games and the hardware itself are at its peak. Not long ago, the official box art design was posted on online, giving us a first look at the box art we will be seeing for this next generation of Nintendo. While Nintendo confirmed they were the real deal, they did not release any of their own box arts.

To help us prepare for the inevitable launch of plenty of Mario games on the Wii U, take a look at these nine mockups of different Mario games created simply for this article. Remember, save for New Super Mario Bros. U, all of these games have not been announced, and we can safely assume they are not real.


Mario Kart Fan ArtJoker08

Super Mario Fan ArtTheBourgyman

Princess Peach Fan ArtTheBourgyman

Paper Mario Fan Artrandyadr

Super Mario Galaxy 3fsuarez913

Wii U Templates by YoshiStar

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