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The Best Retro Boards for Mario Party 9 – Part 2

The amount of retro boards the Mario Party series has at its disposal is tremendous, and it’s no wonder that the previous five boards we listed as great possibilities for Mario Party 9 retro boards was not enough. To satisfy your needs, here is another batch of boards that would do well as Mario Party 9 boards.


Spiny Desert

Mid-Boss: Klepto
Boss: Tweester

The contrasting themes of night and day of the Mario Party 3 board, Spiny Desert, is what makes it one of the more memorable boards in the series. Having it remade into a Mario Party 9 board would entail the cutoff, or end point, of the board to be made somewhere near the final intersection, right below the Boo spot. The cactus would play a role in one of the captain events on the board, as well as the two quick sand ports. Players would fight a Klepto halfway through the board, and finish it off with a fight with the tornado like enemy, Tweester.


Faire Square

Mid-Boss: Fuzzy
Boss: Toady

Remove the ending path that connects to the start of the board, and have it turn into the center of the board. The center of the board is where the evil Toady waits. Captain events would replace the roulletes and the memory games from the original Mario Party 6 board. Players should expect to fight off a group Fuzzy enemies somewhere in the middle of the board.


DK’s Stone Statue

Mid-Boss: Dry Bones
Boss: Petey Piranha

Linear boards scream Mario Party 9, and DK’s Stone Statue from Mario Party DS is no exception. The two vines spread the boards would serve as Captain Events. The already placed coffin would make the return of Dry Bones a mid boss. The board ends at the top of the statue, where Petey Piranha waits for duel!


Western Land

Mid-Boss: Pokey
Boss: Angry Sun

Since players will be using the train as their vehicle, every path on this board would now be put on railroad tracks. The Milk Bar run by Hootenanny the Wiggler would involve the Captain Event in some way. Expect to fight off a Pokey mid way through, and final battle with persistent Angry Sun!


Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk

Mid-Boss: Cataquack
Boss: Captain Goomba

As bland and boring as this Mario Party 8 board was, it is the perfect match for the style of boards in Mario Party 9. Thanks to the new car mode, Captain Events and different Lucky spaces can really spice the board up, something it desperately needs. A fight with Cataquacks on the beach should be expected halfway through the board, and battle with Captain Goomba on his own ship would finish off the game!

Michael Koczwara

Executive Editor and Founder of Mario Party Legacy. Head Administrator at the Mario Party Legacy Forum.

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12 thoughts on “The Best Retro Boards for Mario Party 9 – Part 2

  1. Rosalina

    if im not in the next party, im going to send all my lumas to kill everyone who worked on the game! #Rosalinarage

      1. Blue Yoshi

        I think i just found a conspiracy…

        *Pulls Conspiracy involving angry left-out characters killing devs alarm lever that is EXTREMELY well-hidden and specific*

  2. 1056kirby

    Although these ideas are cool, and I actually agreed in part 1 of the retro board ideas, I think the DLC for the next MP is actually going to be retro minigame packs. I don’t know why, but I have a weird feeling we will see retro minigame packs in MPs future rather then retro boards.

  3. Mykola Kyba/nintendofan10039

    any free content from nintendo for Mario party 9 would be excellent. I love most of these ideas, and would totally play them again(even if it is in a different version).

  4. Hammer Bro.,Green Dry Bones,and Green Magikoopa

    Dude so far it hasn’t said anything about this yet!!!

  5. Guyoshi

    Fine.. Good text.. I wanted both boards Retros in MP9. Just imagine a Pirate Land or a Toy Dream redone.

  6. RosalinaFTW

    There are only two options for Mario Party 10:
    If this game is for Wii then it should be a remake of Mario Party 1-8 but with the characters from 1-9 like Age of Empires 4 should be a remake of AOE 1 and 2.
    If it is for Wii U then the new playable characters should be Rosalina, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi.

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