The Best Retro Boards for Mario Party 9

Boards in Mario Party 9 do not function the same way as they did in the past. Each board is now a linear path and includes specific events that work with new elements and changed gameplay of Mario Party 9. For years, fans have asked for boards to be remade, but with the new car mode in place, which ones are the best for the job?


Shy Guy’s Perplex Express

Mid-Boss: Little Mouser
Boss: Bandit

The linear path of the Perplex Express lends to the fact that it would make for a good Mario Party 9 board. The end goal would be the front of the train, and instead of heading back to the start on the roof, players will have the opportunity to switch from the inside of the train to the roof. Captain events would include a memorize and search of passengers, and players would fight Mowz and Bandit along the way.


Peach’s Birthday Cake

Mid-Boss: Gourmet Guy
Boss: Chef Torte

The spiraling nature of Peach’s Birthday Cake helps transform it into a linear path. A Mini Star slide down a spiraling second cake could serve as a Captain Event. Along the way, players would run into the mid-boss Gourmet Guy, and at the end of the board, the top of the cake, players would face Chef Torte.


Castaway Bay

Mid-Boss: Dark Boo
Boss: Gooper Blooper

Castaway Bay takes players to each of three different themed islands, allowing for players to follow different paths and make it to the end destination. Captain Events would include rafting down the waterfall for Mini Stars and picking the right barrel in one of Ukiki’s shuffle games. Players would fight a Dark Boo at the second island, and the boat at the end would take players to the center of the board where Gooper Blooper awaits.


Pirate Dream

Mid-Boss: Monty Mole
Boss: Cortez

Instead of making your down and back up the cliff side, players will take a route that slowly takes the cart down to the bottom of the cliff. On the way, player would face the mid boss Monty Mole, and play a gem searching game in cove full of treasure. The mighty Cortez awaits the players at the bottom of the board where a pirate ship waits.


Pagoda Peak

Mid-Boss: Kung Fu Koopa
Boss: Gobblegut

Pagoda Peak is by far the most suited board to be remade into a Mario Party 9 board. The board takes on a linear path to the very peak, with all sorts of opportunities for Captain Events along the way. The Kung Fu Koopas that appear on the board would serve as a mid boss, and the Gobblegut dragon from Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes a return as the final boss at the very top!

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