20 Minutes of Mario Party 9 Gameplay

Plenty of new footage has been released by SuperSoluce, a French website that has gotten their hands on Mario Party 9. Inside the video you will find the title screen, main menu, and the beginning of Story Mode all in action. New minigames are shown, as well as characters landing on new spaces and different … Read more

First Gameplay Videos of Mario Party 9

As we earlier reported, marioparty.de has gotten and great amount of hands on with Mario Party 9 and are now releasing information. A huge thanks to The Unknown from marioparty.de for providing the very first direct gameplay videos of Mario Party 9! httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AahLegy2oLA Now we know that there will be: 44 4-Player Minigames 10 1-Vs-3 Minigames … Read more