New Mario Party 9 Screens and Japanese Box Art

As if the anniversary of Mario Party Legacy wasn’t enough, three new screens have been revealed for Mario Party 9, as well as the Japanese box art. The first screen shows a boss battle with Big Bob-omb, putting into question the information regarding Whomp as the boss of Bob-omb Factory. The second image features the … Read more

Mario Party 9 Gets Release Date in Japan

After months of silence from Nintendo of Japan regarding any news on Mario Party 9, a release date has been given to those awaiting the latest installment in the Mario Party series in Japan. North America and Europe will be getting the game this March, but those in Japan will have to wait until Thursday, April … Read more

New Mario Party 9 Screens!

After nearly half a year without a single update, Mario Party 9 is back in the spotlight with 10 new screens! The screens range from new Mini-Games to new boards, and they also give us a better look at this car that his been discussed greatly in the community. Check them out below! Screenshots Video … Read more

Gamescom – Mario Party 9 a No Show

Since it’s announcement at E3 2011 this past June, Nintendo has been hush on it’s long awaited ninth installment in the Mario Party series. This past week saw the German based Gamescom event where Nintendo showed off a variety of games and even pulled out a few announcements. Mario Party 9, however, did not make … Read more