Super Mario Party Minigames – Tips, List, and Unlockables

Our Super Mario Party minigames page features complete images of all minigames along with tips and strategies for every minigame and any unlockables.

Each of the 84 Super Mario Party minigames are listed below. If you have tips for any of these Super Mario Party minigames, whether it be a lesser known fact or a good strategy, feel free to share your idea in the submission form at the bottom of this page. For board tips, click here.

Free-for-All Minigames (30)

Trike Harder
  • Make a flat hand and press the controller against it (with your other hand) and then just use the second hand to make the movement.  ~ Rage Mode
Sizzling Stakes
Snack Attack
Barreling Along
Sphere Mongers
Senseless Census
Social Climbers
  • Make big and long circular motions with your arms and hold the L/R button when your arm goes backward. When your character holds the pole again is when you should be spinning back up to do another movement downward. ~  Spongyoshi
Can Take Pancake
Lost in the Shuffle
Precision Gardening
Gridiron Gauntlet
Candy Shakedown
Fuzzy Flight School
Soak or Croak
Looking for Love
Croozin’ for a Broozin’
Trip Navigator
Look Sharp
Absent Minded
Don’t Wake Wiggler!
  • If you really need the win, just even your score every time with the current leader.  ~ Spongyoshi
  • You should always go for 5 points on the first round.  ~ Spongyoshi
Feeding Friendsy
Stake Your Claim
Rumble Fishing
Rattle and Hmmm
Metal Detectors
Air to a Fortune
Follow the Money
Lightning Round
Timing Is Money

2 vs 2 Minigames (10)

Pie Hard
Tall Order
Making Faces
Maths of Glory
  • If you struggle with the timing, keep in mind that there is no need to get a 6 because the total number of blocks is 50 and getting a 5×5 with your partner in 2 turns is also a perfect game. This minigame will also always end in a tie if both teams shoot there 50 blocks in the same turn, the number left does not matter. So just time your jump in a way that you get a 5 OR 6.  ~ CedrikPle
Dash and Dine
  • Whenever you’re waiting for another order, try to go for the farthest ingredients. At worst, you can just snag the second farthest on the way back. At best, you got some seconds of advantage for the next order!  ~ Spongyoshi
Fruit Forecast
Nut Cases
Tow the Line
  • The player on the left should do the left side of the motif while the player on the right should do the right side. Keep acting that role to complete that minigame faster.  ~ Spongyoshi
Perfect Fit
Juice Box

1-vs-3 Minigames (10)

Smash and Crab
Off the Chain
Dust Buddies
  • As the solo player, go to your ppponents part of the room and try to steal their dust first because they are very slow and unable to get to your part before you return.  ~ Rage Mode
Sign, Steal, Deliver
  • As the solo player, take packages from the first floor to force your opponent to take the stairs and steal their package whenever they are close to their truck.  ~ Spongyoshi
Dart Gallery
  • Do NOT get corned by the darts as the solo player as any missed shots by the team of three will stay there as an obstacle.  ~ Helper
Block and Load
Drop Shot
Bopping Spree
Drop Quiz
What a Racket

Co-op Minigames (10)

Net Worth
Sort of Fun
Home on the ‘Rang
Penguin Pushers
Isthmus Be the Way
Go with the Flow
Miner Setbacks
Fetch Quest
Suit Yourselves
Fireplace Race

Team Minigames (10)

Rowboat Uprising
Train in Pain
Pull It Together
Hammer and Sic ‘Em
It’s the Pits
  • If you have an hard time keeping up with the safe spots, just follow the danger zones and right before they stop, just stay still to land on the safe spot.  ~ Spongyoshi
Just for Kicks
Bumper Brawl
Lit Potato
Get Over It
  • While never stated in-game, you can also shake the joy-con to jump if that’s what you’re most comfortable with. It’s also worth noting just in-case for any miss-inputs.  ~ Spongyoshi
Half the Battle

Rhythm Minigames (10)

Strike It Rich
Time to Shine
  • Only shake the controller, you don’t have to make the gesture.  ~ Rage Mode
Take a Stab
All-Star Swingers
Rhythm and Bruise
Pep Rally
Wiped Out
Fiddler on the Hoof
Clearing the Table
Baton and On

Toad’s Rec Room Minigames (4)

Mini Baseball League
Puzzle Hustle
Shell Shocked Deluxe
Banana, Split

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