Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is the sixteenth installment in the Mario Party series and the first entry on the Nintendo Switch. Classic board gameplay from the original Mario Party games is finally seeing a return, but there’s been a great influence from the Toad Scramble mode from Star Rush. There are 20 playable characters, 80 new minigames, and at least two different boards. There will also be limited online functionality for the first time in the series.

Release Dates

North America Australia Europe Japan
Friday, October 5, 2018  (Worldwide Release)

Playable Characters

Mario Party: The Top 100 has a total of 20 playable characters. Whether or not additional characters will be added has not yet been revealed!


Mario Luigi Peach Daisy
Wario Waluigi Yoshi Rosalina
Shy Guy Koopa Troopa Monty Mole
Bowser Jr. Boo Hammer Bro.
Donkey Kong (Unlockable) Diddy Kong  (Unlockable)
Dry Bones
Pom Pom



There are four boards total but each one has a Partner Party variation:

  • Whomp’s Domino Ruins
  • King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mines
  • Megafruti Paradise
  • Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower

The Partner Party versions:

  • Domino Ruins Treasure Hunt
  • Gold Rush Mine
  • Watermelon Walkabout
  • Tantalizing Tower Toys

80 Mini-Games

A total of 84 minigames, each one new to the series. See our list of all Super Mario Party minigames so far.


  • Mario Party
  • Partner Party
  • Online Mariothon
  • Toad’s Rec Room
  • River Survival
  • Sound Stage
  • Challenge Road
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