Wooded Kingdom Power Moons – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

Find every Power Moon location of the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey using our guide and walkthrough! Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

The Wooded Kingdom has a total of 74 Power Moons. The last 22 Power Moons are only available after you complete the game.

Power Moons  1-20 21-40 41-54

1. Road to Sky Garden
2. Flower Thieves of Sky Garden
3. Path to the Secret Flower Field
4. Defend the Secret Flower Field!
5. Behind the Rock Wall
6. Back Way Up the Mountain
7. Rolling Rock in the Woods
8. Caught Hopping in the Forest!
9. Thanks for the Charge!
10. Atop the Tall Tree
11. Tucked Away Inside the Tunnel
12. Over the Cliff’s Edge
13. The Nut Round the Corner
14. Climb the Cliff to Get the Nut
15. The Nut in the Red Maze
16. The Nut at the Dead End
17. Cracked Nut on a Crumbling Tower
18. The Nut the Grew on the Tall Fence
19. Fire in the Cave
20. Hey Out There, Captain Toad!
21. Love in the Forest Ruins
22. Inside a Rock in the Forest
23. Shopping in Steam Gardens
24. Nut Planted in the Tower
25. Stretching Your Legs
26. Spinning-Platforms Treasure
27. Making the Secret Flower Field Bloom
28. Rolling Rock in the Deep Woods
29. Glowing in the Deep Woods
30. Past the Peculiar Pipes
31. By the Babbling Brook in the Deep Woods
32. The Hard Rock in Deep Woods
33. A Treasure Made from Coins
34. Beneath the Roots of the Moving Tree
35. Deep Woods Treasure Trap
36. Exploring for Treasure
37. Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
38. Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
39. Flooding Pipeway
40. Flooding Pipeway Ceiling Secret
41. Wandering in the Fog
42. Nut Hidden in the Fog
43. Flower Road Run
44. Flower Road Reach
45. Elevator Escalation
46. Elevator Blind Spot
47. Walking on Clouds
48. Above the Clouds
49. Secret Path to Steam Gardens!
50. Found With Wooded Kingdom Art
51. Swing Around Secret Flower Field
52. Jammin’ in the Wooded Kingdom
53. Wooded Kingdom Regular Cup
54. Peach in the Wooded Kingdom

Power Moon Stone

These Power Moons can only be found after you’ve beaten the game! 

55. High Up in the Cave
56. Lost in the Tall Trees
57. Looking Down on the Goombas
58. High Up on a Rock Wall
59. The Nut in the Robot Storeroom
60. Above the Iron Mountain Path
61. The Nut Under the Observation Deck
62. Bird Traveling the Forest
63. Invader in the Sky Garden
64. Hot, Hot, Hot from the Campfire 
65. Wooded Kingdom Timer Challenge 3
66. Moon Shards in the Forest
67. Taking Notes: On Top of the Wall
68. Taking Notes: Stretching
69. Wooded Kingdom Master Cup
70. I Met an Uproot!
71. Invisible Road: Danger!
72. Invisible Road: Hidden Room
73. Herding Sheep Above the Forest Fog
74. Herding Sheep on the Iron Bridge 
75. Down and Back Breakdown Road
76. Below Breakdown Road

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
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