Sand Kingdom: Power Moons 21-40 – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

See how to find the locations of Sand Kingdom Power Moons 21-40 in our Super Mario Odyssey guide. Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List

The Sand Kingdom has a total of 81 Power Moons. This page lists Power Moons 21-40. 

Power Moons  1-20 21-40 41-60
61-69 70-89   


21. Bird Traveling the Desert

There’s a bird that glows and flies back and forth from Tosatarena to the Desert Oasis. If it flies low enough, try to smack it with Cappy or simply jump on it to reveal a Power Moon. Since the bird flies to the same areas you can predict where it will go and wait for it to get there.

22. Bird Traveling the Wastes

Go to the Jaxi Ruins and look for a bird flying over the purple poison. Wait for it to fly over some dry land before trying to stomp or hit it. Do so to get the Power Moon!

23. The Lurker Under the Stone

Go back to the top of the Inverted Pyramid where you fought Hariet. A strange bump in the arena will move around underneath the stone when you approach. Give it a good whack with Cappy to stun it, then ground pound to reveal a Power Moon.

24. The Treasure of Jaxi Returns

In the ruins area where the tower rests is a section with quicksand. Take note of the icy fog coming out of the center of the quicksand. Hop inside to find an ice cavern.

The ice is slippery so make sure you take that into account! Hop on the platforms and move right at the intersection. Use the flower to spring up to the platform above. Jump onto the moving pillars and get back onto the next ice platform. Use the flower again to reach the last ice platform. Time your run across the stomping pillars so that you run when the first one lifts. Before you enter the pipe at the end, take the time to get Power Moon 50.

A pipe leads outside where you’ll find Jaxi. From here you can pay 30 coins to ride him all over the Sand Kingdom. Before you do that, open the chest to reveal a Powe rMoon!

25. Desert Gardening: Plaza Seed

There are three empty pots along a wall in Tostareena. Grab the seed in front of them and throw it into one of the pots. Leave and come back later to find that your plant has grown. Hit it with Cappy for a Power Moon. The other two pots require an additional seed.

26. Desert Gardening: Ruins Seed

Go the east wall of the base of the ruins to find a small alcove that holds the seed. Bring it back to town and throw it into the pot.

27. Desert Gardening: Seed on the Cliff

Go near the bridge that connects the Moe-Eye Habitat with south part of the Sand Kingdom. Look over the edge to see a flower jump pad. Drop down and find the seed at the other end. You’re going to need to use the flower to get out, so throw your seed, hit the flower, pick up the seed, and spin out out of there.

28. Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Available after completing all the main missions in the Sand Kingdom. Use the newly placed Spark Pylons to reach the top of the ruins in the top left corner of the Sand Kingdom. There you’ll find a scarecrow. For the challenge, jump into the structure and crouch. Quickly roll through, then wall jump up. Long jump to the Power Moon from there!

29. Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Available after completing all the main missions in the Sand Kingdom. Return to the Moe-Eye Habitat and hit P-Switch which has now been unfrozen. Run across the platform and memorize the path as it will soon disappear. Grab the key and run for the Power Moon!

30. Sand Kingdom Timer Challenge 3

Available after completing all the main missions in the Sand Kingdom. Near the Jaxi Ruins and the edge of the canyon is another scarecrow. Throw Cappy on and start making a run for the Power Moon across the poison water. Roll down to the block, then start long jumping from platform to platform. Make sure to long jump on the very edge to make it to the next one! 

31. Found in the Sand: Good Dog

Available after completing all the main missions in the Sand Kingdom. Find the dog in front of the Crazy Cap shop and follow it to a random location in the desert where it will dig up a glowing spot. Ground pound to reveal the Power Moon!

32. Taking Notes: Jump on the Palm

Head over to the Desert Oasis on the right side of the map. Climb one of the palm trees to find a music note. Grab and six more will appear. Quickly collect all six before time runs out to get the Power Moon. Use Cappy to grab two at once.

33. Herding Sheep in the Dunes

Near the Inverted Pyramid is a Tostarenan that just lost his three sheep. Bring them back by locating them and chasing them back into their stone pen. You can also hit them with Cappy to send them flying. The first one is at the top of a nearby dune, the second is next to the pen itself, and the third is by the human and his frozen car.

34. Fishing in the Oasis

Available after completing all the main missions in the Sand Kingdom. Now that the ice has melted away, head over to the Desert Oasis and capture Lakitu. There are outlines fish swimming in the water that you can fish out. Drop the line into the water and near one of the outlines and wait for the Cheep Cheep to bite. After a few nibbles, wait for the rumble in the controller to get stronger, then try to reel them in. Keep in mind that you can still move while the hook is in the water. You can even move right in front of an outline and it won’t get scared off.

Catching a smaller Cheep Cheep will get you coins or a hear, but catching a big Cheep Cheep will get you a Power Moon. You’ll have a harder time trying to reel in the big one so make sure to also shake your control to better your chances!

35. Love in the Heart of the Desert

Available after completing all the main missions in the Sand Kingdom. Near the BLANK Checkpoint is Goombette, a pink Goomba that’s lookin’ for love. To get the Power Moon she hold dear, meet her eye to eye with another Goomba. You can do this in two ways. Capture a Goomba at the Ruins Entrance Checkpoint and start forming a Goomba Tower. Cross the moving platform and void the Bullet Bills and be tall enough to see Goombette. You can also take a single Goomba and walk through the quicksand and up the stairs to Goombette.

36. Among the Five Cactuses

Take Jaxi to the north edge of the Sand Kingdom where you’ll find a glowing  cactus. Ram into the spiky plant to reveal a Power Moon. 

37. You’re Quite a Catch, Captain Toad!

Capture Lakitu at the Desert Oasis and go up the slope where the cacti are at. Notice that this area has fish outline too. Lure the big outline to your hook and reel! Do it right and Captain Toad will pop out, with a Power Moon no less!

38. Jaxi Reunion

Just beyond the Desert Oasis is the edge of the canyon, but there’s also a Jaxi statue with a conspicuous empty spot. Bring over Jaxi to this spot to earn another Power Moon.

39. Welcome Back, Jaxi

Go to the top of the Inverted Pyramid after you’ve defeated Hariet. Call for Jaxi at the Jaxi Stop and ride him over to the empty stand where a Jaxi statue once stood. This will net you another Power Moon!

40. Wandering Cactus

There’s a strange cactus on the right side of the Sand Kingdom that can’t be taken down by Jaxi. You can, however, use Cappy to capture it and move it to another location. Ground pound the area it was originally standing in to find a Power Moon.

Power Moons  1-20 21-40 41-60
61-69 70-89   
Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List
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