Moon Kingdom Power Moons – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

Find every Power Moon location of Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey using out guide and walkthrough! Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

Moon Kingdom has a total of 38 Power Moons. Hit any of the links below to find images and text on how to find said Power Moon.

Power Moons  1-20 21-27 28-38 

1. Shining Above the Moon
2. Along the Cliff Edge
3. The Tip of a White Spire
4. Rolling Rock on the Moon
5. Caught Hopping on the Moon!
6. Cliffside Treasure Chest
7. Moon Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
8. Taking Notes: On the Moon’s Surface
9. Under the Bowser Statue
10. In a Hole in the Magma
11. Around the Barrier Wall
12. On Top of the Cannon
13. Fly to the Treasure Chest and Back
14. Up in the Rafters
15. Sneaking Around in the Crater
16. Found on the Moon, Good Dog!
17. Moon Shards on the Moon
18. Moon Quiz: Amazing!
19. Thanks, Captain Toad!
20. Shopping in Honeylune Ridge
21. Walking on the Moon!
22. Moon Kingdom Regular Cup
23. Doctor is in the House
24. Sphynx’s Hidden Vault
25. A Tourist in the Moon Kingdom!
26. Peach in the Moon Kingdom
27. Found with Moon Kingdom Art

Power Moon Stone

These Power Moons can only be found after you’ve beaten the game! 

28. Mysterious Flying Object
Hidden on the Side of the Cliff
Jumping High as a Frog
Moon Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
32. Walking on the Moon: Again!
33. Moon Kingdom Master Cup
34. Taking Notes: In Low Gravity
35. Center of the Galaxy
36. Edge of the Galaxy
37. Navigating Giant Swings
38. A Swing on Top of a Swing

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List
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