Metro Kingdom: Power Moons 1-20 – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

See how to find the locations of Metro Kingdom Power Moons 1-20 in our Super Mario Odyssey guide. Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List

The Metro Kingdom has a total of 81 Power Moons. This page lists Power Moons 1-20.

Power Moons  1-20 21-40 41-60
61-66 67-81   

1. New Donk City’s Pest Problem

New Donk City is under attack! Speak with Pauline before venturing off to the right where you can find a Spark Pylon that will take you to the City Outskirts. Urban Stingbies and Sherms roam the city. There’s a moped nearby that you can use to ride around on but you won’t need it for long as you just need to go down the street on the left. Pass the Crazy Cap shop and hop onto the big metal girders. Hit the Construction Site Checkpoint and make it back into the city. Power Moon 8 is here too.

Follow the road and you’ll make it to the plaza in front of the main building. You don’t really have to take out the Sherms here, just make it to the Construction Access Checkpoint. Power Moon 10 is nearby. Start climbing up the fire escape stairs to reach the top of the nearby building. Use the Spark Pylon to reach the next rooftop. Cross the girders and head inside the building.

The New Donk City Hall Interior is filled with platforms moving up and down along with those weak iron floors. Your biggest threat here will be enemies that try to knock you down when you reach a new platform, specifically those pesky Micro Goombas. Power Moon 34 can be found in this area. Have Cappy ready to defeat them all! Get to the top and and hit the blocks to get a Life-Up Heart. Once you’re ready, head outside.

Use the Spark Pylon to get to the very top. Jump closer to Mechawiggler to have it throw you off and follow you down to the plaza below. Boss time! Immediately capture a Sherm and take out the other one so it doesn’t bother you as you fight. Shoot cannons at the glowing orbs all over the Mechawiggler. Keep in mind your fire rate is pretty quick and the range can cover multiple orbs! Once you’ve taken out all the orbs, the Mechawiggler will take weird formation. Start pelting it with as many shots as you can! 

To fight back the Mechawiggler will open up a portal and aim for your position. Stay on the move and don’t shoot as the boss comes rushing out of the portal. Once it gets back on the wall, repeat the entire process again. Collect the Multi Moon and the city will return to normal. And daytime!

2. Drummer On Board!

The next main mission is split into four different Power Moons that can be obtained in any order you like. Speak to Pauline in front of city hall to have her ask you to find four musicians to play at the upcoming festival. Finding them can be done by looking for the light beacon in the sky, listening for music, and seeing what the citizens are saying.

Luckily the drummer is just to your right. Speak with him to recruit him. Easy!

3. Guitarist On Board!

The guitarist can be found near the Main Street Entrance Checkpoint where the jump rope minigame is at. Speak with him to get him to join!

4. Bassist On Board!

Go to the BLANK side of New Donk City and use a Spark Pylon to reach a small rooftop off in the distance. Talk to the Bassist to get him on board. And don’t forget to get Power Moon 15!

5. Trumpeter On Board!

The Trumpeter is on top of the triangle shaped building across from the Outdoor Cafe. To get up there, climb the building south of it and use the spark pylons to get to the top. Capture the orange pole and flick yourself over the musician.

6. Powering up on the Station

Go to the left of City Hall and capture the big manhole near the glowing light beacon. Once uncovered, hop inside! Walk around the outside of the glass and enter the warp pipe.

Hit the giant green platforms with Cappy to get them spinning. Jump on top and get close to get to the next area. Fight the Piranha Plants as you go. When you reach the vertical green platform, take note that you can get Power Moon 35 in this area. Otherwise go into the pipe.

Two Big  Poison Piranha Plants surround the power plant. These guys are very easy to take down. Throw Cappy to make them fall, then bounce on their head. That’s it. Grab the Power Moon to end the mission.

7. A Traditional Festival

After you complete Power Moon 6, immediately go up to the Power Station and hit the now unlocked switch. With the full power back online, Pauline will ask you to take part in the big festival. Say yes!

Wow! The festival has started and you’re near the Odyssey. Enter the warp pipe and go into 2D mode. What follows is a series of rooms where you have to cross over fire pits and jump over incoming barrels. Basic stuff but what a view! At one point the gravity will be reversed and you’ll be walking along the ceiling. Power Moon 36 can be found here.

Eventually you’ll get to the 25m stage from the original Donkey Kong! Make your way up to the top and hit the four blocks under our beloved ape to send him flying. Enter the pipe and speak to Pauline to wrap up the festival and to get your Multi Moon.

8. Inside an Iron Girder

The girders that the Construction Site Checkpoint is on has a secret. Get back to the road and break the wooden crates at the start of the girder to reveal a tunnel. Head inside to find the Power Moon!

9. Swaying in the Breeze

As you cross the girder on your way to enter the New Donk City Hall Interior, look at the spinning girder to see a Power Moon above it. Time a jump so that you land on it and grab the Power Moon. 

10. Girder Sandwhich

Get to the top of the building near the Construction Access Checkpoint and look over the edge to find a formation of girders. Drop to the bottom and wall jump between the girders to make it up to the Power Moon.

11. Glittering Above the Pool

Climb to the top of City Hall and look at the building on the left. A rooftop pool! Make a brave leap over to the rooftop, then bounce off the umbrella to grab the Power Moon above the pool.

12. Dizzying Heights

Climb to the very top of City Hall! Near the top you’re going to have to jump on those three tiny ledges to be able to jump and grab onto the pole. Face the ledges and jump forward onto each one. 

13. Secret Girder Tunnel!

Hear the Power Moon sound effect near the Odyssey? That would be the secret Power Moon hidden inside the closest girder. Jump in front of it to find the hole.

14. Who Piled Garbage on This?

Warp to the Main Street Entrance Checkpoint and climb up the first building on the left. Get onto the rooftop of the second building and knock over the boxes and trash bags from the corner. Ground pound the vent to reveal a Power Moon.

15. Hidden in the Scrap

Go to the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park Checkpoint where you recruited the Bassist and ground pound one of the remains of the Mechawiggler to reveal a Power Moon!

16. Left at the Cafe?

Start walking behind City Hall and take a left. Follow the path into alley where a Spark Pylon will take you up to a roof cafe. As you walk around the cafe wait for rumble near the center. Ground pound to reveal the Power Moon.

17. Caught Hopping on a Building!

Go to the Rooftop Garden Checkpoint on top of one of the buildings and capture a nearby pole. Fling yourself to the next roof where you’ll find a rabbit. You know the drill! Whack it with Cappy then grab it for a Power Moon. Do take note that the rabbit will jump back and forth from both rooftops.

8. How Do They Take Out the Trash?

Near the Helipad Checkpoint is a tall vertical girder. Your goal is to get to the top. Warp to the top of City Hall and long jump for the girder. Land on top to find a dumpster with a Power Moon inside.

19. Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Available after completing all the main missions in the Metro Kingdom. Go to the north entrance to the Construction Site to find a scarecrow. Throw Cappy on and jump onto the first of three white platforms. These tilt based on the weight, so you should have trouble getting across the first one. The second one you’ll need to stand on the right side for a moment to lift the left side. Run and jump to the Power Moon!

20. Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Available after completing all the main missions in the Metro Kingdom. Go up to the top of City Hall to find a motor scooter. Hop and ride over the P Switch. Drive around the top of City Hall and grab the key. This will unlock the Power Moon a little bit further down the road.

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List
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