Lost Kingdom: Power Moons 1-20 – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

See how to find the locations of Lost Kingdom Power Moons 1-20 in our Super Mario Odyssey guide. Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List

The Lost Kingdom has a total of 35 Power Moons. This page lists Power Moons 1-20.

Power Moons  1-20 21-25 26-35 


1. Atop a Propeller Pillar

At the Swamp Hill Checkpoint, capture a Tropical Wiggler and extend onto the propeller pillar. Extend to the area on the right, then extend again to a second propeller pillar. Power Moon is in the center!

2. Below the Cliff’s Edge

Drop down a level from the Swamp Hill Checkpoint and walk past the location of Power Moon 11. Look over the cliff towards the poisonous sea to see a Power Moon on  alone tree stump.

3. Inside the Stone Cage

Near the Swamp Hill Checkpoint is an area with a poison waterfall. Look over the edge to see one of those smashable pillars. Ground pound to raise the pillar next to you, opening up access to the cave below. The Power Moon is inside!

4. On a Tree in the Swamp

There are two ways you can grab this one. The easier one is to head over to the Swamp Hill Checkpoint and capture a Tropical Wiggler. On the narrow path on the right, extend over the poison, walk up the slope, then extend onto the stone staircase. Ground pound the center to raise the Tropical Wiggler, then use it to extend around the tree over to the Power Moon on the other side.

Alternatively, skip grabbing the Tropical Wiggler and triple jump onto the stone staircase. Ground pound the center, then throw Cappy to the side of the tree and use him as an extra jump to get around the tree.

5. Over the Fuzzies, Above the Swamp

Go to the Moutainside Platform Checkpoint and capture a Tropical Wiggler. Get onto the yellow platform, then  stretch your Wiggler over the tree stump. Keep moving from platform to platform to get to the Power Moon.

6. Avoiding Fuzzies Inside the Wall

Head over to the Moutainside Platform Checkpoint and break through the door. Enter the pipe to go 2D, then use the girders to make it over to the Power Moon. Watch out for the Fuzzies, they have no problem switching between 2D and 3D!

7. Inside the Stone Pillar

The stone pillar that takes you up to the Swamp Hill Checkpoint has a secret. Hit it so that the side closest to the checkpoint is up. Look at the backside of the pillar to find a small hole and a Power Moon.

8. Enjoying the View of Forgotten Isle

There is a tree next to the Crazy Cap shop at the top of the mountain. Climb it to find a Power Moon! Easy!

9. On the Mountain Road

After you take care of the Klepto and get Cappy back, jump across the twisting platform. Throw Cappy at the crab-like enemy called Trapeetle and stand in front of the weak blocks in the wall. When the thing starts charging, jump out of the way to let it break the blocks. Ground pound the glowing spot in the ground for a Power Moon.

10. A Propeller Pillar’s Secret

The first propeller pillar after the Swamp Hill Checkpoint has a lot of butterflies floating around its center. And if you stand there, lots of rumble action going on. Hmmmm. Ground pound for the Power Moon!

11. Wrecked Rock Block

Go to the Swamp Hill Checkpoint and drop down a level. Let the Trapeetle take hold of Cappy and start on top of the weak blocks. Have the enemy ram into the first set, then do it against for the last two blocks to reveal the Power Moon.

12. A Butterfly’s Treasure

Go to the Crazy Cap Shop and look down at the area where you made all those wall jumps. See the shiny butterfly hanging out on the edge of a cliff? Jump down there are slowly approach. When you’re close enough, through Cappy to have it drop a Power Moon. If you scare it off, walk a little ways away and it will reappear.

13. Caught Hopping in the Jungle

This one doesn’t appear on your first trip to the Lost Kingdom. When you return a second time, go to the propeller pillar near the Swamp Hill Checkpoint to find a rabbit. The rabbit will hop to the different ends of the platform so try to hit with Cappy multiple times in a row to give yourself time to run over and grab it. Catch it to get the Power Moon!

14. Cave Gardening

Near the top of the mountain is an area surrounding the tallest section. Here you can find a Blue Toad along with the entrance to a cave. Inside, spin Cappy around you with his spiral move, then quickly hit any flowers you missed. Alternatively, stand at the start and hit all four rows with normal hat throws. Open them all to reveal a Power Moon.

15. Moon Shards in the Jungle

On the main floor, go to the poison water area with the Fuzzies. Collect all five Moon Shards to get the Power Moon:

  • On a stump at the start.
  • Inside the hole in the tree within the waterfall.
  • On a stump surrounded by Fuzzies.
  • On a large stump guard by a Tropical Wiggler
  • The last one is behind the tree at the end. Use a Tropical Wiggler to get around it using the roots.

When you reach the end of this area, you might as well go for Power Moon 20.

16. Peeking Out from Under the Bridge

Underneath the bridge that connects the jungle where the Odyssey is at and the rest of the world is a Power Moon. Use a Tropical Wiggler on the roots of the nearby trees in the poison water to reach it!

17. Twist ‘n’ Turn-Up Treasure

Capture a Tropical Wiggler and take it all the way back to the Odyssey. Walk off the nearby cliff to an area below. Extend the Wiggler into a small alcove holding a key. Grab it to unlock the Power Moon!

18. Soaring Over Forgotten Isle!

Go to the Rocky Mountain Summit Checkpoint and use Glydon to glide over to a lone island with a Power Moon.

19. The Caged Gold

See the caged Power Moon resting on top of the tree near the starting bridge? Go to the Swamp Hill Checkpoint and drop down a floor. Throw Cappy at the Trapeetle and position yourself so that it’s set to head straight for the cage. The creature will hover straight where its headed even in the air, so the cage is toast. Jump over to the tree from cliff closer to it.

20. Get Some Rest, Captain Toad

As you’re getting Power Moon 15, use a Tropical Wiggler to wrap around one of the last trees in the area. There is an opening in the cliffside that leads to Captain Toad’s hiding spot. Speak for the Power Moon!

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List
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