Cascade Kingdom Power Moons – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

Find every Power Moon location of the Cascade Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey using out guide and walkthrough! Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

The Cascade Kingdom has a total of 40 Power Moons. The last 15 Power Moons are only available after you complete the game.

Power Moons  1-20 21-25 26-40 

1. Our First Power Moon
2. Atop the Falls
3. Chomp Through the Rocks
4. Behind the Waterfall
5. On Top of the Rubble Power Moon
6. Treasure of the Waterfall Basin
7. Above a High Cliff
8. Across the Floating Isles
9. Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 1
10. Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2
11. Good Morning, Captain Toad!
12. Dinosaur Nest: Big Cleanup
13. Dinosaur Nest: Running Wild
14. Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!
15. Very Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!
16. Past the Chasm Lifts
17. Hidden Chasm Passage
18. Secret Path to Fossil Falls!
19. A Tourist in the Cascade Kingdom
20. Rolling Rock by the Falls
21. Peach in the Cascade Kingdom
22. Cascade Kingdom Regular Cup
23. Caveman Cave-Fan
24. Shopping in Fossil Falls
25. Sphynx Traveling to the Waterfall

Power Moon Stone

These Power Moons can only be found after you’ve beaten the game! 

26. Bottom of the Waterfall Basin
27. Just a Hat, Skip, and a Jump
28. Treasure Under the Cliff
29. Next to the Stone Arch
30. Guarded by a Colossal Fossil
31. Under the Old Electrical Pole
32. Under the Ground
33. Inside the Busted Fossil
34. Caught Hopping at the Waterfall!
35. Taking Notes: Hurry Upward
36. Cascade Kingdom Master Cup
37. Across the Mysterious Clouds
38. Atop a Wall Among the Clouds
39. Across the Gusty Bridges
40. Flying Far Away from Gusty Bridges

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List
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