Cap Kingdom: Power Moons 1-17 – Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

See how to find the locations of Power Moons 1-17 of the Cap Kingdom in our Super Mario Odyssey guide. Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
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The Cap Kingdom has a total of 31 Power Moons. This page lists Power Moons 1-17.

Power Moons  1-17 18-31 


1. Frog-jumping above the Fog

On your first visit to the Cap Kingdom, none of these Power Moons will be available to collect. It won’t be until you reach the Sand Kingdom that you can return and start collecting them.

Near the Odyssey is a small group of frogs. Capture one and head to the right. Within the thick fog beyond the outer gate is a small house with a row of three blocks above. Use the frog to hop over to the first house, then hop over to the second. Jump on top of the row of blocks and stand in the center. Jump to reveal a hidden block above. Hop onto the new block and jump again to find a Power Moon.

2. Frog-jumping from the Top Deck

As a frog, enter the Central Plaza and look for a Power Moon up in the sky. Stand on top of one of the homes and shake the controller to perform a high jump that should get you to the star.

3. Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Run over to the Top-Hat Tower to find a scarecrow at the base. Throw Cappy on its head to start a timer challenge. The Power Moon will appear at the top of the bridge, so start rolling and shake the controller to boost up the speed. Do that and you should have no trouble getting the Power Moon.

4. Good Evening, Captain Toad!

Climb up to the top of Top-Hat Tower where you fought Topper. Instead of finding one of the Broodals is none other than Captain Toad. Speak to him for a Power Moon!

5. Shopping in Bonneton

Head to the Central Plaza to find two Crazy Cap members. Speak with the yellow one and purchase the Power Moon for 100 coins.

6. Skimming the Poison Tide

At the top of Sometimes Bridge is a Paragoomba. Get its hat off, then capture it. Start to fly towards the Top-Hat Tower while maintaining your height. Start wrapping around the building and you’ll make it to the other side where you’ll find a hidden door.

Inside, grab another Paragoomba and capture it. There are five Power Moon Shards in this room. Looks simple enough. The catch is that you have to avoid the incoming waves of poison water. If a Power Moon Shard is about to go under the poison, just fly upward above it and simply float down when the poison recedes. Grab all five shards to have the Power Moon appear. If you want Power Moon 7, don’t leave through the pipe just yet!

7. Slipping Through the Poison Tide

After you get Power Moon 6, stay put with as the Paragoomba. Look over the edge on the left and you’ll notice a hole in the fence below. Wait for a wave of poisonous water to pass, then drop down and fly through. Get to the platform with the Purple Coins, then turn around and fly to the small platforms on the opposite wall. Get to the top to find your Power Moon.

8. Push-Block Peril

Get to the top of the Top-Hat Tower and walk along the bottom part of the hat. Eventually you’ll come across a hidden door. Head inside.

Use Cappy to grab onto the Spark Pylon, then blast over to the next section. There are four sections. In the first, time your jumps to avoid getting pushed off by the blue blocks. Then jump early to jump onto the blue blocks before the go back into the wall. The second section has you using a Spark Pylon to grab a few Purple Coins and to get to the next area. Remember that you can cancel the capture in the middle of moving along the line.

The third section is another blue block area but this time each block has another on top of it, alternating whenever they move. Jump onto the bottom block when it’s out, then jump when it starts to go back into the wall to make to the top block. Keep this pattern until you reach the Spark Pylon and the last section. Ride above the Power Moon and cancel the capture to drop down below. Don’t enter the pipe if you want to get Power Moon 9!

9. Hidden Among the Push-Blocks

In the third section of getting Power Moon 8, keep an eye out for an L-shaped blue block. After you pass over it, turn the camera around to reveal that a Power Moon is hidden inside a small pocket of the block.

10. Searching the Frog Pond

In the Central Plaza is a small area just past the edge that leads to a hidden door.

Get inside and capture the nearest frog. Your goal is to collect five Power Moon Shards. You can find them here:

  • Just before you reach the frog.
  • On top of the entrance door.
  • Before the set of white moving platforms. 
  • On the back wall. Jump over the first wall, then get onto the platform and jump over the second wall.
  • Turn the camera to face the opposite direction to reveal a shard inside a pocket in one of the center platforms.

11. Secrets of the Frog Pond

Before you leave after getting Power Moon 11, go back up to the white moving platform on the back wall. Instead of jumping over the last wall, hop on top of it. From there, jump up and land inside another pocket where the Power Moon hides.

12. The Forgotten Treasure


13. Taxi Flying Through Bonneton


14. Bonnetter Blockade


15. Cap Kingdom Regular Cup


16. Peach in the Cap Kingdom


17. Found with Cap Kingdom Art


Power Moons  1-17 18-31 
Main Walkthrough
Cap Cascade Sand Lake
Wooded Cloud Lost Metro
Snow Seaside Luncheon Ruined
Bowser’s Moon Mushroom Dark / er
Capture List Souvenir List
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