Moon Walkthrough – Super Mario Odyssey Guide

Our Super Mario Odyssey walkthrough and guide shows you how to find Power Moons and their locations for every kingdom in this Nintendo Switch masterpiece.

Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

Super Mario Odyssey is split up into different kingdoms, each with their own set of Power Moons. This guide will primarily show you how to find each Power Moon. Since there are dozens and dozens of Power Moons in each kingdom, each page in our Super Mario Odyssey walkthrough will include 20 Power Moons in the order that they appear in the game.

You can also check our pages on locations for collectibles like souvenirs and captures:

Capture List | Souvenir List

Links marked with Power Moon Stones indicate Power Moons that can only be accessed after completing the main game.

Super Mario Odyssey Walkthrough

Updated (before post-game): Bowser’s | Currently working on: Moon


Cap Kingdom Power Moons Cap Kingdom

Cascade Kingdom Power Moons Cascade Kingdom

Sand Kingdom Power Moons Sand Kingdom

Lake Kingdom Power Moons Lake Kingdom

Wooded Kingdom Power Moons Wooded Kingdom

Cloud Kingdom Power Moons Cloud Kingdom

Lost Kingdom Power Moons Lost Kingdom

Metro Kingdom Power Moons Metro Kingdom

Snow Kingdom Power Moons Snow Kingdom

Snow Kingdom Power Moons Seaside Kingdom

Luncheon Kingdom Power Moons Luncheon Kingdom

Luncheon Kingdom Power Moons Ruined Kingdom

Bowser's Kingdom Power Moons Bowser’s Kingdom

Moon Kingdom Power Moons Moon Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom Power Moons Mushroom Kingdom

  • Power Moons 1-20
  • Power Moons 21-40
  • Power Moons 41-60
  • Power Moons 61-80
  • Power Moons 81-100
  • Power Moons 101-104

Dark Side Power Moons Dark Side

  • Power Moons 1-20
  • Power Moons 21-24


Walkthrough Main Missions

While there are tons of Power Moons scattered across the world of Super Mario Odyssey, some are required to progress the main story. Use our list of main missions to get you there as quick as possible!

Introduction  Kingdom Power Moons Cap
Our First Power Moon  Kingdom Power Moons Cascade
Multi Moon Atop the Falls  Kingdom Power Moons Cascade
Atop the Highest Tower  Kingdom Power Moons Sand
Moon Shards in the Sand  Kingdom Power Moons Sand
Showdown on the Inverted Pyramid  Kingdom Power Moons Sand
The Hole in the Desert  Kingdom Power Moons Sand
Broodals Over the Lake  Kingdom Power Moons Lake
Road to Sky Garden  Kingdom Power Moons Wooded
Flower Thieves of Sky Garden  Kingdom Power Moons Wooded
Path to the Secret Flower Field  Kingdom Power Moons Wooded
Defend the Secret Flower Field!  Kingdom Power Moons Wooded
Hat-to-Hat Combat  Kingdom Power Moons Cloud
Power Up the Odyssey  Kingdom Power Moons Lost
The Scourge on the Skyscraper  Kingdom Power Moons Metro
A Fresh Start for the City  Kingdom Power Moons Metro
Powering Up the Station  Kingdom Power Moons Metro
A Traditional Festival  Kingdom Power Moons Metro
The Cake Thief’s Parting Gift  Kingdom Power Moons Snow
The Bound Bowl Grand Prix  Kingdom Power Moons Snow
The Glass Is Half Empty!  Kingdom Power Moons Seaside
The Glass Is Half Full!  Kingdom Power Moons Seaside
The Broodals Are After Some Cookin’  Kingdom Power Moons Luncheon
Under the Cheese Rocks  Kingdom Power Moons Luncheon
Big Pot on the Volcano: Dive In!  Kingdom Power Moons Luncheon
Climb Up the Cascasding Magma  Kingdom Power Moons Luncheon
Cookatiel Showdown!  Kingdom Power Moons Luncheon
Battle with the Lord of Lightning!  Kingdom Power Moons Ruined
Infiltrate Bowser’s Castle  Kingdom Power Moons Bowser’s
Smart Bombing  Kingdom Power Moons Bowser’s
Big Broodal Battle  Kingdom Power Moons Bowser’s
Showdown at Bowser’s Castle  Kingdom Power Moons Bowser’s
Bowser’s Moon Wedding  Kingdom Power Moons Moon

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Just want to mention, loving Odyssey so far. Its a true 64 sequel. Going to check the guides only if I really get stuck but thanks for providing them.


Appreciate it!


So, I have odyssey as well. I just beat the main story, and still need some time to collect all of the moons in the game. But otherwise, the guides should be helpful soon, but only for the last couple moons because I’m sure I’ll get stuck some time soon.


Hopefully I have them up before you get to them, it takes a while to get all of them written. O.O

Pikachu Trainer
Pikachu Trainer

This is a pretty good game, the Mushroom Kingdom was amazing, so much nostalgia.


This is the best resource on the Net for Mario Odyssey – Great Job


Thank you, I appreciate it!

ron swonson
ron swonson

Can you put up the location or the purple coins

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