World Star Stamps – Super Mario 3D World Guide

Our World Star stamps guide details every Stamp in World Star in our Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury stamps walkthrough.

World Star contains ten Stamps to collect. If you’re looking for other Green Stars or stamps from World Star, as well as any Cat Shines from Bowser’s Fury, head on over to these pages:

Green Stars Stamps Cat Shines


World Star-1: Rainbow Run

As you are riding Plessie, stick to the right side and snag the Stamp hidden between two Gold Rings.


World Star-2: Super Galaxy

Super Bell required! After the Checkpoint Flag, make it to the top of the area to find three platforms that form a wall when flipped. In your cat form, climb up the wall to reach the Stamp at the top.


World Star-3: Rolling Ride Run

Rosalina required! As you are rolling on the spinning platform, you’ll come across two separate paths. Go to the one on the right to find a switch that only Rosalina can press. This will reveal the Stamp!


World Star-4: The Great Goal Pole

The Stamp can easily be seen behind a Walleye!


World Star-5: Super Block Land

At the end of the first area is a giant brick block wedged in the ground. Either throw a bomb or crash through in your Mega form to find the Stamp below.


World Star-6: Honeycomb Starway

Boomerang Flower required! When you are facing off the bees near the end of the stage, look to your right to see the Stamp. Throw a boomerang to snag it.


World Star-7: Gargantuan Grotto

Mega Mushroom required! Before you crash through the giant brick blocks, break the ones above the sign to find the Stamp.


World Star-8: Peepa’s Fog Bog

Before you reach the end of the foggy area, follow the path on the right to find the Stamp!


World Star-9: Cosmic Cannon Cluster

Cannon Block required! This Stamp can be seen early on in the level. Use the Cannon Block to hit the Question Blocks in front of the Stamp. This will form a path right to the Stamp.


World Star-Tent

Another free Stamp! Simply walk in and grab it!

Check out our World Crown stamps guide for stamp locations in the next world.

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