World 5 Stamps – Super Mario 3D World Guide

Our World 5 stamps guide details every Stamp in World 5 in our Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury stamps walkthrough.

World 5 contains nine Stamps to collect. If you’re looking for other Green Stars or stamps from World 5, as well as any Cat Shines from Bowser’s Fury, head on over to these pages:

Green Stars Stamps Cat Shines


World 5-1: Sunshine Seaside

As you are riding on Plessie, stay to the right and hop onto the three small platforms. The Stamp will be on the third platform.


World 5-2: Tricky Trapeze Theater

After you bounce up from the area with all the Piranha Plants, head to the left to find the Stamp.


World 5-3: Backstreet Bustle

Toad required! Hit the Toad switch on the right side of the room to reveal the Stamp!


World 5-4: Sprawling Savannah

There is a trail of ants in the large filed. Follow the ants into the hole they are dropping in to find a giant ant with the Stamp on its back.


World 5-5: Bob-ombs Below

Pass the checkpoint flag and get over the circular platform with the rabbit. Grab a Bob-omb and blast the crack in the wall to reveal a hole. Jump inside and run to the right to find the Stamp.


World 5-6: Cakewalk Flip

Double Cherry required! Manage to bring two characters to the end of the level. Hop on the lift to have it take you to the Stamp.


World 5-7: Searchlight Sneak

This Stamp can be easily spotted above a row of blocks. Watch out for the spotlight as you jump up to grab it.


World 5-Castle: King Ka-thunk’s Castle

Super Bell required! Above the area with the Chargin’ Chucks is a small area with the Stamp. Climb up in your Cat form to reach it.


World 5-Tent

Enter the tent for a free Stamp!


Check out our World 6 stamps guide for stamp locations in the next world.

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