World 4 Stamps – Super Mario 3D World Guide

Our World 4 stamps guide details every Stamp in World 4 in our Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury stamps walkthrough.

World 4 contains sevenStamps to collect. If you’re looking for other Green Stars or stamps from World 4, as well as any Cat Shines from Bowser’s Fury, head on over to these pages:

Green Stars Stamps Cat Shines


World 4-1: Ant Trooper Hill

In the first cave you enter, the Stamp can be found surrounded by any enemies. You’ll need a way to take them out before getting to the Stamp.


World 4-2: Piranha Creeper Creek

Before you jump into the water, jump over the water and use the Piranha Plant as a boost to enter the hole on the right. Run all the way to the right to find the Stamp.


World 4-3: Beep Block Skyway

Double Cherry required! Behind the Checkpoint flag is a lift that requires three characters to move. The lift will take you to the Stamp above.


World 4-4: Big Bounce Byway

You will come across a large group of Para-Biddybuds while bouncing on the large mushroom. The Stamp is in the center of the enemies.


World 4-5: Spike’s Lost City

Super Bell required! To the left of the green warp pipe near the start of the level is a tall. Climb up to the top from the right side and walk all the way to the left to find the Stamp.


World 4-Castle: Lava Rock Lair

Super Bell required! Before you pass through the two walls, climb up the left wall in your Cat form. The Stamp can be found at the top.


World 4-Tent

Enter the tent to find a Stamp free of charge!


Check out our World 5 stamps guide for stamp locations in the next world.

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