World Star – Super Mario 3D World Hidden Luigis Guide

Take a look below to see all the Luigi references in World Star! If you see any we missed, leave a comment below and let us know where!


World Star Overworld Map


World Star-1: Rainbow Run


World Star-2: Super Galaxy


World Star-3: Rolling Ride Run

When you reach the Sprixie just before the Warp Block, look through the binoculars to see a small 8-bit Luigi on the left side of the next area.

~ SuperZambezi

World Star-4: The Great Goal Pole

Run as fast as you possibly can to the end of the level and do not go up the donut lifts that take you to the Green Star. Keep running along the donut lifts into the distance and an 8-bit Luigi will slowly begin to focus. Toad and the Super Bell are your best bet to seeing the hidden Luigi the closest.

~ BowserJrfan

World Star-5: Super Block Land

After the checkpoint and near the second Green Star, destroy one of the big brown blocks to the right with a bomb to reveal a small 8-bit Luigi on the side of one of the grass blocks.

~ ADS and Sonic19

World Star-6: Honeycomb Starway

Before you enter the Warp Block that takes you to the Flagpole, notice the hidden Luigi on the black honeycomb to the right.

~ MegaSuperLuigi

World Star-7: Gargantuan Grotto


World Star-8: Peepa’s Fog Bog


World Star-9: Cosmic Cannon Cluster


World Star-Toad: Captain Toad Takes a Spin


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