World Mushroom – Super Mario 3D World Hidden Luigis Guide

Take a look below to see all the Luigi references in World Mushroom! If you see any we missed, leave a comment below and let us know where!


World Mushroom Overworld Map


World Mushroom-1: Night Falls on Really Rolling Hills

Go to the rolling hills with Red Coin Ring. Look at the rolling hill at the very back to occasionally see an 8-bit Luigi on the bottom! Make sure you have extra time to see it!

~ Justin

World Mushroom-2: Spiky Mount Beanpole

Start the level and climb up the bell tree on the left. At the top, use the binoculars and look into the shadow of the tallest bell tree to see a large Luigi.

~ RLWilliams3d

World Mushroom-3: Deep-Black Jungle Drift

At the end of the level, walk past the flagpole and turn the camera to see a large 8-bit Luigi in the distance, right along the giant trees and vines.

~ D-Net

World Mushroom-4: Trouble in Shadow-Play Alley


World Mushroom-5: Back to Hands-on Hall


World Mushroom-6: Gigantic Seaside Wreck

On the first ship, look under the first grate to see a crouching hidden Luigi.

~ Ethan Pijaca

World Mushroom-7: Broken Blue Bully Belt


World Mushroom-Mystery House: Mystery House Brawl


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