World Castle – Super Mario 3D World Hidden Luigis Guide

Take a look below to see all the Luigi references in World Castle! If you see any we missed, leave a comment below and let us know where!


World Castle Overworld Map

After you enter the world through the clear pipe, look for a hidden Luigi behind the right grate covering the lava. He can be seen standing on some sort of block.


World Castle-1: Fort Fire Bros.

After taking the clear pipe near the end of the level, look for an 8-bit Luigi inside one of the windows along the side of the area. This specific window is on the right building and next to the Warp Block.

~ BowserJrfan

World Castle-2: Switchblack Ruins

On the platform where the Stamp can be found, touch the wall on the right with your GamePad to reveal a hidden Luigi with your light.

~ Sonic19

World Castle-3: Red-Hot Run


World Castle-4: Boiling Blue Bully Bell

When you see the Sprixie with the binoculars, look at the spiked rollers on your left. 8-bit Luigis can be seen on the ends of the rollers.

~ Fadri

World Castle-5: Trick Trap Tower

Head to the first Green Star. Once there, turn the camera to see a large 8-bit Luigi on the tower wall.

~ Fadri

World Castle-6: Rammerhead Reef

In the outside area with the Checkpoint Flag, turn the camera to the right to see a distant 8-bit Luigi jumping on a rock.

~ RLWilliams3d

World Castle-7: Simmering Lava Lake

At the start of the level, turn your camera to see him on the side of the platform.

~ Fadri

World Castle-Castle: Bowser’s Lava Lake Keep

An 8-bit Luigi can briefly be seen above the gate in the intro scene at the very start of the level.

~ Fadri

World Castle-A: Brolder Blockade is Back


World Castle-B: Prince Bully Blockade is Back


World Castle-C: Fire Bros. Hideout #4


World Castle-Toad: Captain Toad Gets Thwomped


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