World 2 – Super Mario 3D World Hidden Luigis Guide

Take a look below to see all the Luigi references in World 2! If you see any we missed, leave a comment below and let us know where!

World 2 Overworld Map



World 2-1: Conkdor Canyon

After the Checkpoint Flag, turn the camera to see the bottom wall that is to the left of the moving platforms. There you should see a giant Luigi in the wall.

~ RLWilliams3d


World 2-2: Puffprod Peaks



World 2-3: Shadow-Play Alley

If you have the cat suit, climb up the back wall at the start of the level. A shadow of Luigi will appear in the corner.

~ AbsolPowers


World 2-4: Really Rolling Hills

With exactly 101 seconds left on the clock, a Luigi will pop out of the pipe that leads to the underground section of the level.

~ SuperZambezi

Go to the rolling hills with Red Coin Ring. Look at the rolling hill at the very back to occasionally see an 8-bit Luigi on the bottom!

~ Justin


World 2-5: Double Cherry Pass

At the very end of the level, run past the Flagpole and turn the camera to see an 8-bit Luigi on the side of the fence. Having any doubles will not allow you to turn the camera!

~ RLWilliams3d


World 2-Castle: Bowser’s Bullet Bill Brigade

As soon as the level starts, look at the tire tracks on the right to see a tiny 8-bit Luigi before the first tank rolls over it.

~ MegaSuperLuigi


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