World 1 – Super Mario 3D World Hidden Luigis Guide

Take a look below to see all the Luigi references in World 1! If you see any we missed, leave a comment below and let us know where!


World 1 Overworld Map

Walk over to World 1-2 and watch the green pipe on top. After a short, an 8-bit Luigi will pop out of the pipe.

~ MegaSuperLuigi


World 1-1: Super Bell Hill

Right after the checkpoint, go onto the area where you can use the binoculars and rotate the screen to the right.  A Luigi can be seen popping his head out form behind a white fence in the distance. If you try to approach him, he’ll disappear, so you can only see him from this location.

~ Yoshiman222


World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave

At the beginning of the level, rotate the camera to view the area to the right of the pipe. Luigi will be crouching in the right-bottom corner on the wall.

~ Yoshiman222


World 1-3: Mount Beanpole

Start the level and climb up the bell tree on the left. At the top, use the binoculars and look into the shadow of the tallest bell tree to see a large Luigi.

~ SuperZambezi


World 1-4: Plessie’s Plunging Falls

Just before the first sand pile at the start of the level is a hidden 8-bit Luigi floating on the water.

~ RLWilliams3d


World 1-5: Switch Scramble Circus

As soon as you start the level, run up to the mirror shaped as a large spade. An 8-bit Luigi will run by once in the reflection of the mirror.

~ SuperZambezi


World 1-Castle: Bowser’s Highway Showdown

Run to the Warp Block that takes you to the boss of the level. Instead of going into the Warp Block, look out into the distance to see a giant 8-bit Luigi run through the water before sinking on the right.

~ RLWilliams3d


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