World 3-7: Switchboard Falls – Super Mario 3D World Stars Guide

Our Switchboard Falls stars guide details every Green Star in World 3-7 in our Super Mario 3D World stars walkthrough.

World 3-7 contains three Green Stars and a single Stamp to collect. If you’re looking for other Green Stars or stamps from World 3, as well as any Cat Shines from Bowser’s Fury, head on over to these pages:

Green Stars Stamps Cat Shines


Green Star #1

When you are riding down the first lift, jump when you see a wooden platform. Enter the green pipe to find yourself falling. Follow the coins and grab the Green Star at the end.


Green Star #2

After you behind the waterfall and drop down the hole, push the lift to the left and crouch. This will take you behind the waterfall where the Green Star waits.


Green Star #3

Once you make it to the last stretch of lifts, push to the right, jumping over the yellow and orange roller when it comes near. Keep pushing to the right to find the Green Star.


Stamp Location


After the third Green Star, hop onto the next lift and wait until it goes all the way to the left. Before it moves again, jump to the next lift. Let this one take you to the Stamp.


Check out our World 3-Train: The Bullet Bill Express guide for green star and stamp locations for the next level.

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